Tour Through Time

A report from Fir'awn Anvar

Anvar has arrived from the al-asqa Fir’awn Temple to awaken Rhiatt and the rest of the party as they have received news of grave concern that Charlamegne and Carloman are arriving in Paris for a meeting. The concern is that several kindred travel with them, most notably Drak-Mohr (Charlamegne’s puppet master) and Lord Cafforan (Carloman’s master). They also have a retinue of sycophant kindred and the Abba of the Fir’awn has made a decision that it would be prudent to awaken Rhiatt namely for protection and also opportunity.

Some other news of note, the Roman Empire has fallen, and the land has been unified under Vatican Rule (he explains Catholicism and the Vatican). The Persian sands are in unified under the faith of a great man named Muhammed, and the kindred landscape has changed drastically. The Camarilla has fallen, the kindred of Rome disbanded. The lands of the Far East will raid from time to time from the North and new and strange kindred arrive with the marauders. Mages have gone almost completely underground as the Vatican has found a tool that vanquishes almost all who confront it, True Faith. The Uratha have fled to even scarcer places and the population swells and civilization grows.

Anvar al habib al maliq fir awn


email sent 3/20
Since we will be getting a bit of a late start (ranging from 6pm to 7pm) I did want to give each of you a chance to maybe make some personal actions before we began.

You have been awakened in 770AD by a mysterious kindred named Anvar of the Mekhet clan. He came to awaken “The Akkadian” and his companions in these times as your slumber has run long.

Charlamegne and Carloman arrive in Paris for a summit with each other, and with Count Odo of Paris. King Pepin the Short has died, and his Frankish Kingdom was divided between his sons Charles and Carlo. They are arriving to find some middle ground on how to orchestrate the division of such a kingdom, and to reign in the eccentric Count Odo who has seen Pepin’s death as a chance for him to create and autonomous Paris State. Anvar has warned that many ancient and powerful kindred have pulled many strings to make this scenario come about, and the chance of chaos and bloodshed will be high in Paris.

The arrival of the meeting is in 1 months time from your awakening. In game play, we will being just days before the meeting so you have almost a month for personal goals. You may make 3 large actions, with the chance to earn XP and storyline progress for each of them.

Timjuradi has found some new power couplers and ancient Athenian Screws so he may fly if need be…

A report from Fir'awn Anvar
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