Tour Through Time

Awakenings to Paris 770AD

The party began in Lutetia circa 42BC, and after meeting with the Pagi Maximi it was apparent that the last 2 major obstacles to safety and security were a nasty diablerist named Mahesh the Mekhet, and the Melonwah Monks led by the “God of Death” Ankou. The party did some quick surveilling and found a Nosferatu assisting Mahesh when new kindred arrived. Using his patented “bloody dove” homing beacon, the party confronted the dastardly Mahesh, a member of the Norwegi bloodline with strange powers to make his vitae be used for weapons and armor. After defeating him, Ahnumanii healed him, allowing him to challenge Achaius on 1 on 1 combat. After some brutal exchanges, Achaius was victorious.

Next up was the challenge of the Melinwah Monks and Ankou. The party flew the Golden Sun Chariot back to Rome and made some hard bargains with Saturn to assist as Saturn could consume the soul of Ankou who was in reality a masquerading Daemon. After thoroughly scouring the mind of Rhiatt, Saturn knew the bredth of the situation and agreed to help in exchange for a Mekhet and Gangrel childe to manipulate his ideas for bloodlines. After lurking under the ampitheater of Lutetia, Ankou is tricked into battling the lecherous daemon named Ogmios, the party steps out and raises all hell and finally Ankou is destroyed, Saturn consumes both souls, and is taken back home.

Finally, Clodius and the Pagi Maximi bow down and give themselves over to the rulership of Malikai the Great, and Lutetia finds safety and peace. Castle Achaius is complete, and the party falls into torpor for many years. They are awakend by a Fir’awn messenger named Anvar who tells that that Charlemegne and Carloman are travelling to Paris to make some kind of bargain with the current ruler, and that kindred and war plague these two brothers like no ones business.

Slaughter of mehash


Since time is always on our side, Akkadian thinks we should spend some quality time getting updates from Anvar before emerging.

Awakenings to Paris 770AD
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