Tour Through Time

Florence, Rennaissance 1492 AD

Our adventure starts in Toyes, France where the party discovers the moving of the Temple treasures was orchestrated by Victus, now an adamant member of the Custos. Hugh de Champagne and St. Bernard look over the treasures, and it is St. Bernard who discovers that the Spear of Longinus and the Holy Grail are missing. After some probing, the items appear to have been stolen from the Temple. In the hum drum of the activities of Troyes, it seems Jacques de Payan was embraced by a fallen Templar named Phillipe de Chevallier. Phillipe has grand designs of taking over the Templars, after a confrontation, he quickly realizes that he is outmatched and pledges his sword to our companions.

It is now decided to journey to Jerusalem to seek the Spear and Grail. In so doing, they confront the powerful and ancient Kindred named Lazarus. This is one in the same as the friend of Jesus, only it seems Lazarus was embraced prior to the “mystery” of the tomb. Lazarus is found in the same ancient crypt he has always had, where he preaches constantly, and he believes himself a living God. The Akkadian confront him Astrally, and Lazarus calls him out. They finally decide to meet in person in the cave, and a mighty onslaught begins. Only when Timjuradi strikes him down, it seems as though he has transferred into the body of a weak kindred in the room. This affords him the chance to escape. In hot pursuit the Akkadian Obfuscates in front of him, as Tyr strikes him down from the back with the Stormblade. Unfortunately, Tyr is then possessed by the foul Lazarus. At this point, Lazarus tries to play it off like he is Tyr. Yet, as our companions have 3000+ years together, they are not fooled, and the Akkadian unleashes a Psychic Assault in both Tyr and Lazarus. This reveals the location of the real Lazarus, and Timjuradi goes to work digging him up, which leads to the Akkadian diablerizing him. In the diablerie, he learns the location of the Holy Grail, and the truth of Longinus. And thus, the party obtains the Holy Grail. They then take it back to the Teutonic Bastion in Jerusalem, gather a handmaiden, and with a bit of her blood they each drink from it. All of them experience a sort of death and rebirth, their life blood flows again, they breathe, eat, etc. And the beast is destroyed, they can walk the outside in the sun, not burn Vitae, their body will also heal like a human in lieu of blood if need be.

And so they meet Longinus at high noon on top of Mt. Golgotha. They find him to be a kindred of true insight and dedication, and they work together to purge the Larvae and Therion from the caverns below.

After this, Marduk calls a Custos meeting and they decide to let him journey them forward to Florence circa 1492. They are given secret residence at the estates of Feliz de Medici. They then meet with a powerful Ventrue Lord named Niccolo Machiavelli. And so they decide to kick things off with a Masquerade ball of all the important luminaries of the area. Who knows what are kindred have in store for them…

Ahnumanii and the holy grail


Excellent write-up.

Florence, Rennaissance 1492 AD
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