Tour Through Time

Paris 770AD

It did not take the brook long to stir ruccous in new Paris. After learning of the new kindred ruler, Lord Grail of Paris, the party attended a ball for the evening to meet the incoming kindred arriving in the form of Lord Cafforan and Drak-Mohr the Noble. The party attended the ball, and Ahnumanii overwhelmed the audience with his unbelievable blood potency. Unbeknownst to them, a very ancient Khaibit had followed the ancient brood to Paris looking to make a bargain. Marceau would trade vital information in 3 forms that would liberate the party once and for all from the clutches of Sutekh in exchange for retrieving the Mask of Anubis for Marceau. Once again, the situation seemed too big and too dangerous for the brood so they passed on the opportunity. The next day saw King Charles and King Carlo arrive to meet with Count Odo of Paris. At the Feast of Kings, the Vatican presence was strong. Timjuradi, seeing True Faith for the first time went mad and assassinated Bishop Arthia of Lombard. The priests fought back until the foul Timjuradi was expelled. This included young Priest Leopold, having actually witnessed Satan for the first time, will later form his Society of Leopold to battle such evils. King Charles, King Carlo, and Count Odo fled the city in terror, allowing Bishop Magellen to take over Paris.

In the fields, the party caught up with King Carlo and assassinated him, sending his kindred handler Lord Cafforan to flee for his life. The party then met with and bargained with King Charles, who at this point was hunting for both his brother’s and Bishop Arthia’s assassin. The party promised to deliver the culprit, Bishop Magellen. The party did in fact deliver the evil Bishop, and curried favor with King Charles. His kindred handler asked for assistance from the party travelling to Lombard as Charles marries. Drak-Mohr has concerns over the ancient kindred ruler of Milan, one Marcus Abutor, the Corporas Militas of Rome…

Bishop arthia murdered


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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