Tour Through Time

Rome outskirts 1492 AD

In Florence, the brood has planned a grand Masquerade, and after invitations of spun gold are sent out to the electae of the city, the human Politicians and Patricians arrive first. Our coeterie mingles with them a bit, and quickly notes the tensions between the de Medici’s and the Borgia’s. After the sun sets, Ahnumanii arrives via hot air balloon and bedazzles the party with a fireworks display. The brood travels around meeting the various kindred, and others of great power attending the ball. Only Luvania is not present amongst the Forentine Greats as they are known. The Ball accomplishes its goal and the presence of the party is known. The next day the party meets with Satana Diavolo, a being of great power. In a conflict of mind between the Akkadian and Satana, he discovers the presence of the Grail, forcing action at the Temple of the Baphomet and its inclusion with Marduk and Raziel, ending in its hiding in an aspect realm thousands of years in a future wasteland. Later, they attend an art show at Leonardo’s factrum featuring Leonardo di Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Bottecclli. When Ahnumanii arrives, these 3 great Rosicrucians fall to worship of the Great God Ahn. He rewards them below with the Magnum Opus, the gift of youth granted with a measure of pain. The Akkadian, seeing the fantastical designs of Di Vinci, is impressed and selects him to embrace and training within the Custos Gnaritas. In years to come, he will be the greatest of its members, and his friendship with Plato will steer kindred blood magics and sorceries forever. The party then learns of the Borgia’s plans to overthrow the de Medici’s. They decide to intervene and usurp the Borgia’s from their kindred handlers. Daytime slumber proves the downfall of Roman Castius and his sire Guiseppi Messini. In seperate rooms, these two meet their ends. However, during the conflict, Lorenzo de Medici is overthrown by his brother Piero II. Lorenzo escapes with his cousin Giovanni, and decides the best course of action is to rush Giovanni to Rome and find some way to overthrow Pope Julius II and become Pope, an impossible feat until Ahnumanii shows up with a plan…

Reanaissance florence italy


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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