Tour Through Time

To the Underworld and Back, 771AD

Our heroes begin by taking some time to accomplish personal goals. After this, they all head to the Al-Masqa-Fir’awn and Tyr and Timjuradi bestow greater levels of blood upon themselves, becoming stronger. From there, Elan speaks of the Therion Bloodline spawned from the union of The Akkadian and Saturn. To Northern Cappadocia they head, only to discover a slumbering hive of potent kindred who slumber. Deciding their presence is unwelcome they leave.

Next they travel to the Valley of the Kings to the small city of Dagesh to inquire into Anubis. They found massive amounts of corpses being brought in, taken South to the Temple of Anubis, and sent into the Underworld for Anubis to make an army of Undead. Learning that the Priest of Anubis in Dagesh is a Hedge Mage named Sahesh, the party lures Anubis into a false meeting. Making their way to him in the Underworld, they provoke his ire and he assaults them, with blazing Fires of Hellstrum he anticipates to kill the party in one blow. He miscalculated and the brood of kindred quickly rip him to shreds. Realizing the opportunity, they march with the Army to the Palace of Sutekh and awaken their ancient God-Maker. They make peace, and then enter into an agreement to not assault the Vatican until tye year 1401 in exchange for power. The party feels they thwart Sutekh once again, only later to realize they are the bringers of the very chaos Sutekh desires.

Next its to Milan in Lombard to meet with old friend Marcus Abutorius and his bride Isabella, who has eyes for Tyr. Marcus has grand designs on King Charles and Europe, but due to past life debts Marcus agrees to leave it alone. King Charles arrives and marries Princess Desederiata. Later that evening Charles holds a secret meeting with our brood and discusses the rumors of King Carlo ressurrecting and the business of his son Carlo II.

The party quickly heads to France to the Villa Samoussy and finds that King Carlo is dead in the Cathedral, and that Lord Cafforan has been killed as well. the Assassins are 2 Byzantine gentleman held in the dungeon for questioning. After some interogation by Ahnumanii and Timjuradi, the party heads to Aachen to confront an old foe, Argentum.

With some swift uses of Auspex Argentum reveals and sets his trap, unfortunately for him in the wrong location. The party enters and finally dispatches this ancient thorn in their side, as well as kidnapping Carlo II, now the King of Eastern Frankland. The party must decide what to do from here as the trap at the Silver Bastion of Aachen awaits…

Temple of sutekh


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