Tour Through Time

Troyes, France 1119 AD

Our adventure starts in Aachen France as the party decides to take out the adversaries left behind by Argentum in the shadow of Carlo’s Palace in the Palace Square. The citizens are rudely awakened as Timjuradi sends the picketed horses flying into the masses. A huge battle then ensues, and once again Tyr finds his life in the balance as Khallus strikes fiercely into this brave warrior. Finally the threat is dispatched.

From there its off to Rome where Ahnumanii witnesses the many machinations of Stephen III that he tries to hang over Charlamegne. Wisely good King Charles has groomed his nephew Adrian to take over for Stephen. The party heads off to visit Adrian in Marseilles only to discover he is a mage. From there, they decide to heed Sutekh’s advice and find slumber in the Temple of Baphomet.

They awaken as Anvar arrives saying that the Gladiators have reformed as the Poor Knights of Jesus Christ at the Temple of Solomon the King, or the Knights Templar. They take the long journey to Jerusalem. From there, they find the Templars ready to leave. After some skirmish with Timjuradi, both sides cool their heads, and journey together. The progress is slowed only by the massive procession of Ahnumanii, his cart, and his several dozen servants. The treasure cart looks laden with ancient goodies. After some time in the desert, the party is accosted by a squad of 50 Saracen outriders. All out combat ensues. With superior fighting tactics, and kindred disciplines, only 3 are lost from the party. After more time, the party encounters what looks to be an abandoned desert fortress. Within, they discover a slumbering pack of Uratha. The Akkadian gets to work and takes a few out while sleeping with his Psychic Assault. After a failed attempt, they awaken, and an underground skirmish takes place. After this, they continue to hit the coast, then hit the waters, and onto safe land they arrive at the city of Troyes France in the Champagen Valley to deliver the treasures.

Battle of najdin


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