Allura Matazan, the Magistrum Occultus

Magisutrum Occultus under the Pater Sanguiness


Allura is a bueatiful Persian woman who was well studied in the more occult aspects of the kindred. Her bloodline had infused the ancient Zoroastrian rites into her Daeva blood. Sadly in the end, Scipio’s swift blades beheaded her, and he diablerized her.


Allura was born in ancient Candariani south of Persia. She was part of Sultan Shu’s kazbah. Her beauty and Zoroastrian studies intrigued her sire, Hasham. She was well studied, and when Alexander came through her lands she took the roads back to Athens, and eventually into Rome. The Pater needed someone to advise him on disciplines, clans, and bloodlines he did not have understanding of. She fulfilled this role until her end in 60BC.

Allura Matazan, the Magistrum Occultus

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