Argentum Rexus

Right hand man of Invictus Rexus, ruler of the Roman Senex


Argentum was the older brother of Invictus in Life and serves him in Undeath. The two are inseperable and he is a master schemer and plotter.

Palace of the Trinity, Aachen, France

Palace of the trinity


Argentum is the older brother of Invictus and was a prominent lord in the Carthagian Army until he was nearly killed in battle. This is when he returned to Carthage to become a diplomat. After Invictus was embraced, he embraced Argentum and the two have plotted and travelled ever since.

After his banishment to Carthage, he moved to Constantinopole with his brother Lord Invictus, where he laid to slumber in the Chamber of Sorrows. Argentum then fled north and dwelt in the Northern Gaul manipulating the strings of the Merovingen family. This recent development with an alliance between Cafforan and Drak’Mohr has halted his plans greatly.

Argentum Rexus

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