Arithar the Blood Fist

Protector of the Will of the God Lord


Arithar hails far from the North in the Teutonic and Saxon lands north of Gaul. He is a robust and powerful kindred, and something of a Berserker. He lives by aggression and believes violence is the only pure force in the world.

Arithar 2


He was embraced circa 350BC by a ravaging beast of a Gangrel that did not mean to embrace him but to kill him. So powerful was Arithar that he managed to destroy the kindred as he lay bleeding to death and to feed upon him before oblivion found him. Since then he wandered the forests of Gaul until Invictus Found him. More powerful than any bond, Arithar believed him to be the God Lord of all kindred and served him without question.

Arithar the Blood Fist

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