Clodius Gergovia

The elder of Seine


Clodius is a brutal warrior and tactician, turned into a cunning political mastermind. He is about 5,11" and wears the armor of the former Legionnaire Dominus Rexus, a cohort commander. He wields the ancient Hammer of Ruin he found in the ashes of an old battle in Etruscany. He has a stern demeanor and has few words to say to anyone.


He was born south of Rome in the village of Amrnanius. He was conscripted into the Legion and his vast intellect made him rise quickly as a tactician. He was embraced by the Roman Hannibal Scipio some 100 years ago. He then made his way with the Cohorts of Caesar back into Gaul and settled into the bastion city of Lutetia, where he enticed local kindred to join him in the comfort of dense population and safety from the Uratha and the Monks.

Clodius Gergovia

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