Abba of the Fir'awn


Childe of The Akkadian

Apparent Age: 27
Striking Looks
5’9", 175 lbs
Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Fit, athletic build
Race: Egyptian
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Fir’awn

Embraced circa 1215 BC.


As a slave in ancient Egypt, the future did not look bright for Elan. He was a highly intelligent young man and showed great proficiency in combat, eventually causing him to catch the eye of The Akkadian.

Elan was ghouled and began to train under in The Akkadian’s new way of thinking about the blood and the development of his bloodline. When the time came for rest for the companions, Elan was embraced and sent out to propagate the blodline of the Fir’awn and indoctrinate them into the code and purpose.

Elan has since gone through time without slumbering, a very impressive feat in itself. Even more impressive is that he has grown the Fir’awn greatly and shortly after leaving Egypt became the Abba of the bloodline.


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