Enlil, God of Babylon

Enlil, the first Ventrue Ruler


Enlil was encountered by the party in ancient Babylon. He had entered Hamurabi in a Vinculum, and was the first kindred to manipulate human society with his blood, and portrayed the main deity of Babylon. Enlil was a Ventrue of great stature, and the party entered into a civil war between Enlill and Azakar the Daeva.


Enlil was born a chieftan of an outland nomad tribe called the Skkirt. He was embraced in the sands by a disfigured kindred named Eshu. Enlil grew in power and entered Babylon. Within 25 years he had built a Coeterie of the Gods, and his ideals and principals still affect both the mortal world and the kindred world. For the few kindred scholars who remember him, he is referred to as the “Father of the Camarilla”.

Enlil, God of Babylon

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