Horus, the God of War

Horus, the God of War and Protector of the Khem


This hawk-headed God was perhaps the fiercest warrior the party has faced ever. He wielded a mighty sword, a ruthless axe, and a sceptre of his right to rulership. The party encountered him in the blood temple of Isis and Osiris and determined that he in fact was the ruler of the three. He is of particular note and the party still relies on his very weaponry to power their quest through the ages.


Horus was not born a normal human, he was in fact a mage of the Thyrsus lineage. In an experiment gone-wrong, Amon-Ra had his close ally Ankh-Naten embrace him to see what would happen. What happened was a 3 fold action:
1. he became an immortal kindred of the Daeva clan
2. he lost his mage abilities, though not his artifacts
3. he became extremely irate and made it his quest to destroy and kill

Horus, the God of War

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