Jacques de Payan

Ventrue Fledgeling and brother of Hugues de Payan


Jacques is a very peaceful though dark individual, he has seen much in his days, and he likes to travel with his entourage of kindred which are actually his disciples. Any kindred near him will recognize that he has clearly transcended the kindred state and eradicated his weaknesses. For many, this means that they will frenzy as with an overbearance of the Predators Taint.

Jacques de payan


Jacques was the 2nd born son of Roget de Payan. His older brother Hugues de Payan was the first notable member of the Knights Templar. Jacques later joined his brother and travelled the world with the Order. After some time, a kindred had infiltrated the Knights Templar to steal from their wealth. As such, many were murdered, and some of note were ghouled. Jacques was ghouled and sent into daytime service for his master. A female Daeva fell in love with Jacques as time went by, and in secret she embraced him and stole him from the order and travelled the world with Jacques, always hiding him from his angry master. In time, Jacques master, the diabolical Lord Marquis de Nicea found Jacques and his sire, Sewaytha. Sewaytha was killed, and Jacques imprisoned. In time Jacques was released and decided to end his connection to the order and go his own way. He settled in Paris and began his quest to meet and learn the ways of the kindred world. Not satisfied with his existence, he once again travelled. This time to the lands of Southeast Asia, where he found many strange Temples dedicated to the higher pursuits of the mind. In Northern India, he met an influential Mage named Khoot-Muni, who told him of a higher road and calling in life for kindred and sent him to the mythical city of Shambala. Jacques ventured there and found a circle of 7 kindred who had ascended to a strange, almost God-Like state. Jacques stayed and became their disciple. In time, Jacques achieved the legendary state of Golconda. Such was his new stature that once he returned to Paris, the Prince, Phillipe de Beausant abdicated the throne believing Jacques to be the true master of the kindred. In a chance meeting, an ancient kindred arrived in Paris, an ancient kindred named Marcus who spoke of the old ways of the Camarilla, and its weak successor, the Carbonari. Intrigued, Jacques set out to find the Carbonari. Once he did, they quickly added him to their ranks as a Majordomo and he set his disciples on the mission to join the Carbonari and spread the word of Shepparding humanity to all kindred rulers benevolent enough to understand the principles of Golconda.

Jacques de Payan

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