King Carlo the second

King Carlo II, Emissary of the End


King Carlo II is a small boy at present but a king no less. He has been exiled from him homeland and into the wastes with his new master.


With a small favor from King Charles to remove any who had claim to his throne, and to once and all end the rivalry that has existed for so many years. Ahnumanii set out to see that the coarse he had laid out for the world was the one that would come about. He descended onto the young boy to do what needed to be done for the good of the present human world. While he stood over the boy he pondered what he was to do,and came to decsion to remove him and remake him in his image. To discard his old life and to give him a new one. He has taken him far from eroupe and into the wastes to learn who he really is. He is now living a life as a king should and being groomed by Ahnumanii himself to one day take his place at his side.

more to follow…

King Carlo the second

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