Kratos, messenger of the Gods

bringer of doom


Kratos was an ally of the party during their time in Macedon. He would act as a liaison between Zeus and Ares. The party helped him in his fight against Appollo, and thus he helped the party find their way to the Temple of Hades in the Underworld. Kratos is a huge man, and he is famous for his twin double chain blades that extend forth from his bones. It is rumored that Kratos can never be killed, just slumber.

Kratos attacks


Kratos was once a man of war and family in Sparta. When Ares killed his village and his wife and child, he went on a warpath. Zeus has helped him harness his skills, and Ares was forced to tinker with Kratos’ mind to keep him off the path of bloodlust.

Kratos, messenger of the Gods

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