Lord Invcitus Rexus III "God Lord"

Master of the Camarilla and Ruler of the Earth


Invictus is a bold and powerful Ventrue and has formulated a plan to rule mankind from the shadows that will live on in eternity. He is the bravest and most powerful kindred in the world it is believed, and after regrouping from losing his Empire in Carthage, he seeks to rule the world via Rome. He has travelled the world and has established the most impressive retinue of kindred in history. He is handsome, bold, powerful, beauracratic, and overwhelming.

Invictus 3

Senex dominus throne

Joyeuse, Charlamegne’s blade


He was once a powerful Prince in Carthage, and as such fought in wars and led armies to victories. He was embraced circa 250BC, and ruled through Hannibal. After Hannibals defeat to Scipio, Invictus withdrew and hid amongst the Roman outlands, biding his time. He claims that outside of Rome he was embraced by Julius Senex himself, and believes he is the rightful ruler of all kindred, and mankind. Many of his Teutonic followers call him the God Lord, a title he allows to be used. He does in fact possess the true seal ring of the Senex, which unlocks the Camarilla throne and proves him the rightful heir of Julius Senex’s Empire.


Lord Invcitus Rexus III "God Lord"

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