Lucia Luxis

The Mistress of the Consulttia and Pompey's puppet master


Lucia has worked secretly behind the scenes of the Pater Sanguiness and Fabius Maximus to take control of the city by mastering the powerful and wealthy Triumvirate member Pompey the Great. She brought civil war into Rome as she matched her Prefectus Urbi against the Legionnaires. She is backed by a shadowy Egyptian kindred who remains mysterious at best. She surrounds herself with her hand maidens, the Consulttia that keep a close protection on her. Had she achieved her goals, she would have taken control of the entire Roman Empire (possibly for her Lord)…


Lucia is a very beautiful Anatolian woman who moved with other Macedonians from Corinth into Egypt. She was embraced there and taught in the ways of mastery and control by her Mentor. She then was granted a retinue of guardians the Consultti and sent to Rome. She has worked feverishly in the shadows to seize the Empire.

Lucia Luxis

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