Luna Vespar, Priestess of the Night Moon

Mistress of the Typhonic Mysteries, head of the Cult of Augers


Luna is a powerful kindred but has a hard appearance. She was scarred from her former life as a Priestess of Ares, but once she entered into the Typhonic Mysteries, her power grew quickly.


Luna grew up in Athens as a concubine of Ares, where she later become a Concubine Priestess. This is not a fun life, but her mind was swift and her will strong, and so she eventually escaped and was granted entrance into the Typhonic Mysteries where she excelled. She made fast friends with Yosanna, and as she left she vowed to find her again. She travelled into Rome and then left to go to Athens again. She met Invictus here and they made an alliance. She has travelled with him ever since.

Luna Vespar, Priestess of the Night Moon

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