Marceau the Ancient

Ancient Averni kindred ruler of the land


marceau is contemplative and extremely powerful and feared, all kindred in the region turn to him for advice when he will listen and pay homage in blood.


He once was a greek slave who served as a palace servant in Al-Ramse, and later Alexandria. Due to his close affiliations in the Temple of Amun-Ra, he was embraced by a rogue Khaibit named Senmesha. He followed diligently the precepts of the bloodline, but after assassinating the entire entourage of the coeterie “Sanskri-Rajniti” Sutekh released him and gave him freedom. He then began studying the ways of kindred and has followed a trail to Paris seeking answers from the oldest kindred he could find, Ahnumanii, Rhiatt, Timjuradi, and Tyr.

Marceau the Ancient

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