Marcus Abutor, Corpore Militas

the kindred warrior of Rome


Marcus served under the Pater Sanguiness, although he had felt somewhat disenfranchised by the Pater’s elitist attitude. Marcus, like a good soldier, did not question the Pater’s mandates. He used his military skill, and gladiatorial experience to execute the Pater’s demands with a swift hand of justice. Fabius destroyed every single figurehead of the Pater’s rule with the one exception, Marcus. Marcus knows he must diligently prove himself constantly to Fabius, or risk his life. This is why Fabius spared him, a great soldier that feels he must prove himself eternally is the best weapon to have, a weapon that can not stop…EVER

Marcus abutorius


Marcus Abutor was a Legionnaire and served within the actual ranks of Gaius Cassius’ forces. However in a mighty and pitched battle in Northern Gaul, Marcus’ Cohort failed, and he was spared his life and sent to inform Gaius that he had lost. Gaius had him sent back to Rome, to be converted into a Gladiator. It was within the ranks of the Gladiators that his siress, the beautiful Daeve Elyssia Ephesus found him, saved him, and brought him into her palace. She entered torpor and without focus, Marcus pledged himself to the Pater.

He later fled the court of Lord Invictus and settled in the Lombard region of Northern Italy and has tried to establish himself there using his ancient blood potency as a deterance to the younger kindred.

Marcus Abutor, Corpore Militas

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