Mordicai the Fang Finder

Nosferatu tracker extraordinaire


Mordicai is pretty decrepit and run down. He has seen his share of battles. He is small of size and stature, but he has a perky sense of humor, if not rather dark.


Mordicai was a pit fighter in Palestine who travelled the land. Eventually he got a bit older and had to make his money as a mercenary, but then he discovered his tracking abilities and became a master at finding what was lost. His sire, Uz-Bakaa, wanted him to help find alcoves of Nosferatu slumbering and so they went crypt robbing and diablerized and became strong. Eventually Moridcai feared his sire so he killed him and ate him. He then spent most of his existence hunting and diablerizing. Little is left of his humanity now, but Luna has balanced him, and Invictus has given him purpose.

Mordicai the Fang Finder

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