Necros, the Scribe of Rome

the great Scribe of kindred history


Necros is the most learned kindred in existence. He has spent his entire unlife reading and studying, and his ability to retain all knowledge is phenomenal. Unfortunately where he lacks is social graces, and he gets easily sidetracked. He will be studying the ancient rulers of Persia and then instantly get drawn into the nature of sand, and thus rock, and thus magma, and thus the sun, and thus stars, and thus space, ad naseum. However, Necros is the best kindred to go to on any subject, he knows more than anyone, perhaps even in the entire world.


Necros was embraced in 347BC as a hapless slave victim of the lower Etruscan regions. His sire, Nephimdos needed a place to rest and knew that Necros would be able to help him. Necros does have a real name, though he does not share that. He has taken to living in the catacombs, and the Nightwatcher let him stay simply due to Necros’ vast knowledge on any subject.

Necros, the Scribe of Rome

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