Pater Sanguiness Maximillian Vexus

Regent of the Camarilla 68BC to 60BC


Schemes and plans, plots and intrigues, kindred gladiators, freedom of action; all principles of importance to the Pater Sanguiness. However, he believed he was a new breed of kindred, and he believed teh Julii clan superior to all. he looked down his nose at everyone, and this is the very thing that caused the end of his life. If he had only been a little softer and more respectful to the party, he may have influenced them to assist him in the coup of Fabius. Sadly, his own elitism is what did him in. At the Honorus Orgium of Jupiter in 60BC, Fabius pulled his coup and the Pater fell and was diablerized.


The Pater Sanguiness had been the son of a Roman Senator and an influential priest in the Temple of Jupiter. He was a perfect fit for the roving Julii Thakius Alexandros to embrace to acclimate to Roman society. Thakius didn’t comprehend the Pater’s lust for power until it was nearly too late. Thakius escaped an attempt on his life, but the patter was set for the Pater.

Pater Sanguiness Maximillian Vexus

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