Pazuzu, Demon Lord of the East Wind

destroyer of the Tower of Babel


The powerful mages of Babylon believed they could summon and control any being in existence. They believed themselves to be Gods. Thus, with this in mind, they summoned the mighty Pazuzu to do their bidding. His earthly form hid some of his Infernal Resonance, but in the end, the party gave some aid to him and he was thus able to crush and vanquish the Tower of Babel. Much to his dismay, this ancient atrocity was blamed on Anumani and thus Pazuzu has been on an eternal quest to find a way to strike back at the Babylonian betrayer.


He is believed to be residing in the Infernal Realm as the Lord of Instant Agression and Ruthless Subversion.

Pazuzu, Demon Lord of the East Wind

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