Ragnar Lodbrok

Fir'awn Guardian


Apparent Age: 29
6’3", 235 lbs
Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes
Large, muscular build
Race: Viking
Clan: Ghoul


The namesake and subject of “Ragnar’s Saga”, and one of the most popular Viking heroes among the Norse themselves, Ragnar was a great Viking commander and the scourge of France and England. A perennial seeker after the Danish throne, he was briefly ‘king’ of both Denmark and a large part of Sweden. A colorful figure, he claimed to be descended from Odin, was linked to two famous shieldmaidens, Lathgertha in the Gesta Danorum, and Queen Aslaug according to the Völsungasaga.

He told people he always sought greater adventures for fear that his (possibly adoptive) sons who included such notable Vikings as Björn Ironside and Ivar the Boneless would eclipse him in fame and honor. Ragnar raided France many times, using the rivers as highways for his fleets of longships. By remaining on the move, he cleverly avoided battles with large concentrations of heavy Frankish cavalry, while maximizing his advantages of mobility and the general climate of fear of Viking unpredictability.

Ragnar’s impressive strategic mind and fighting skills caught the Akkadian’s eye and he was diverted from his longship to Paris where he was ghouled and trained by Akkadian. He was then left in charge of Akkadian’s forces in Paris while Akkadian assisted in the rise of King Charles.

After a few years in service as ghoul to the Akkadian, Ragnar was sent to Elan for training and embrace into the ways of the Fir’awn.

Ragnar Lodbrok

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