Sahesh, Emissary of End

Sahesh toady of Ahnumanii


Sahesh is a wisened old man who always smiles and tells stories. His warm ways and ability to build closeness only enhance his Magical Abilities to twist people to his will…


As a hedge mage Sahesh has the ability to seduce, coerce, or manipulate people into doing what he wants, for the purpose of our VtR system he is considered to have the Majesty Level 3 Entrancement Power with a +1 for his “Social Discipline” Modifier. For any rolls in which Gnosis or Blood Potency comes into play, he is considered to have a score of 1. Under Vinculum to Ahnumanii he retains his power as it is considered an “attainment” in game terms.

And now
Thou Sahesh has had humble start in the unforgiving waste. His talent were not unnoticed by Ahnumanii who was quick to see the potential in abitity to sway and infulence other and gave him new life. In this life he has found new purpose under the direction (or control) of his new master. He now lives now in the constant luxury and wealth that comes with his new position as well as the power over most any aspect of society. His voice carries the weight of his master and to cross him is to invite the “attention” of Ahnumanii.

Sahesh, Emissary of End

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