The Akkadian

Founder of the Fir'awn, Baphomet of the Custos Gnaritas, Pale Horseman of the Apocalypse, God of Wisdom


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The Akkadian’s Blog
Apparent Age: 24
Actual Age: 3,786
Striking Looks
6’, 185 lbs
Black Hair, Green Eyes
Fit, athletic build
Race: Akkadian
Clan: Mekhet
Bloodline: Fir’awn
Covenant: Custos Gnaritas

Titus Flavius Josephus
Gisela Martel

Havens Through the Ages:
Babylon: Temple of Enlil
Egypt: Palace At Thebes and Cave in the Valley of the Kings
Athens: Temple of Helios with additional underground capacity.
Rome: Castellum Tenebrae (a black villa with 4 towers and many secrets)
Rome: Castellum Petra (Gathrik’s former residence, Carthaqian Guard), commander Hanibus
Rome: Temple of Serapis
Sicily: Temple of Akkadius (Mallicus Pargis)
Lutetia/Paris: Achaius Castle
Florence: Feliz de Medici estates

Notable Possessions:
Large amounts of ancient gold and other precious metals
Tiger Mask and Amulet
Crown of Ramses
Scepter of Harparcrates
Tablets of Zeus
Plates of Sutekh
Ring of Apollo (see in any light)
Sword of Horus
Dagger of the Akkadian (2A, fire)
Sandals of Sutek (double movement speed)
Armor of the Underworld
2 Blades of Antioch (4A, with WP drain and healing)
Amulet of the Horse (summons flying horse)
Armor Wraps (+1 stack to armor)
Gateway Ring
Ring of Intellect
Loin Cloth of Anubis
Mask of Anubis


Conquering New York

I know everything Invictus knew…the location and disposition of his contacts, their personalities, what they said. I know we are the strongest group of kindred remaining, standing the test of time. This tour through the ages continues for us as Ahnumannii rules his lands, Tyr defeats his rivals, Timjuradi slays all in his path and I continue to gain more and more knowledge. Our success continues and Invictus’ failure is compelte.

The companions had agreed to meet with Invictus in the Waldorf Astoria Hotel, temporary haven of Ahnumannii. His safety was guaranteed and would be honored. Instead, Invicutus chose to send his powerful minion Vastius and his four powerful bodyguards. Vastius the teleporter brought with him for ultimatums from Invictus:
1. Leave North America immediately;
2. Conquer South America as our new home and embrace by each of us a childe for him;
3. Pay Invictus a fifedom of $200 million per year;
4. Offer up all information relating to his brother’s demise.

This insult would not be tolerated by the 4 Horsemen who counter-offered to Invictus:
1. A coach class ticket for him to Rio;
2. Conquer South America as his new home and create a childe for each of us;
3. Pay us $200 per year fifedom;
4. Explain why Argentum was such an asshole.

The companions also attacked Vastius after he delivered his demands. He teleported away but his 4 powerful bodyguards were no match for the 4 Horsemen.

The brood went back to the Temple of the Baphomet for some planning and decided it would be wisest to pick off Invictus and his minions during the day but their locations were unknown. Akkadian summoned assistance from many sources including old friend Anvar.

Traveling back to NYC they found the Waldorf under attack by a large group of mercenaries. The four traveled invisibily downstairs and found the hotel staff slaughtered. They headed to the basement and found the leaders of the mercenaries planning to blow up the entire hotel once their targets were located. Instead, Ahnumannii quickly took control of them and the tables were turned. Some of the mercenaries were used to attack two of Invictus’ holdings and the rest were blown up with the Waldorf.

After tracing the source of the mercenaries and finding the source to be the Princeling, Akkadian appeared to him as Invictus and ordered him to Bocca Raton. It was clear however that Invictus would not be easy to find.

While Invictus was initially fooled in thinking the Horsemen had died his clever minion The Phoenician found out otherwise and ripped much information from the minds of Ahnumannii and Tyr. Tyr was issued a challenge by Kiki Katani, World Justicar and master of the sword. Tyr agreed to the challenge and met Kiki at the top of the Empire State Bldg. After a difficult battle, Tyr was victorious. During the elevator ride back down there was an “incident”. The elevator was rigged to blow off of its safety cables and crash to the bottom. Akkadian solved this by quickly shifting everyone to the Temple of the Baphomet.

No one ever accused of Invictus to living up the honor he claimed to have. It was clear the only way to draw out the enemy was to appear in the open and let them find the 4 Horsemen.

The 4 let themselves be seen at a coffee shop directly outside of the remaining elysium in the city after having destroyed the other with mercenaries earlier. They then drove to Yankee Stadium and waited at second base.

Invictus, The Phoenician, Vastius, Polemos (the Warbringer), Mordicai arrived to bring the fight. Outnumbered, Akkadian summoned in Anvar from his hiding place outside of the stadium and the fight began.

As always, Timjuradi’s shocking entrance threw off everyone as he charged the legendary Polemos and cut him entirely in half, immediately stacking the odds in the Horsemen’s favor. Invictus charged Ahnumannii and would have destroyed him outright but Ahnumannii’s power to shift through space saved him and he appeared next to Timjuradi. Vastius, seeing the initial attack of Timjuradi teleported away, never to return.

Mordicai then charged Tyr and stabbed him mightily, adding a nasty kindred poison to Tyr’s bloodstream. Seeing Tyr was in trouble, Akkadian appeared before Mordicai and took him down with a mighty pyschic assault.

The well hidden Phoenician then unleashed a conflagration on the Akkadian, doing damage but not as much as he might have expected given the Akkadian’s incredible resilience.

Timjuradi then struck again and felled Invictus in one mighty blow, stunning all present. After Ahnumanni dispelled The Phoenician’s illusions, he was forced to flee as well, although not actually having been physically present at the time.

Victorious, the group sent Anvar to track The Phoenician and Vastius since Anvar is a flawless tracker.

Akkadian knew that Invictus would possess vast knowledge of the modern world and his contacts. Given that Invictus was the most powerful kindred force in the world until that moment, Akkadian diablerized him.

It was determined that Vastius and The Phoenician had fled to a hidden part of the Astral plane. The would remain a loose end for now, along with Aeon and others.

Who knows what the future holds for the 4 Horsemen and for the world?

Journey to Modern Nights

The companions started out still in Florence in 1492. After ridding themselves of some petty vampire of no note claiming some authority in the city, they started planning to install their own Pope in the Vatican. After a few days of plotting and manipulation this was accomplished.

On the way back out of the Vatican they companions were accosted by a group of Mages, the leader calling himself Aeon. He was apparently a time mage of great reknown and began a massively powerful spell of unmaking upon the group. This was apparently due to Marduk and Ahnumanni’s interference with the timeline. It seems the spell may have worked but Marduk appeared an intervened, launching the companions forward in time to the year 2012. Later research in the Temple of the Baphomet revealed that Marduke and Aeon are engaged in battle through time and planes.

The companions were drug through time, experiencing all of it in some sort of accelerated fashion, but that did not help with their disorientation at the strangeness of the modern world. A few unfortunate mishaps occured with the local denizens, resulting in some serious injuries to bystanders before the companions found a temporary haven in the Waldorf Astoria in a city known as New York. This city was apparently on a previously undiscovered yet large land mass.

Quickly wanted to find the lay of the land, Ahnumanni arranged another large masquerade ball, this time at the Waldorf, inviting anyone and everyone in the city apparently, yet hiring large amounts of security to keep the undesirables out on the street and using his powers to prevent large-scale violence.

Akkadian discovered during this time a youngling styling himself as Prince of the city but quickly found that he was ruled by our old acquaintence Invictus. Akkadian “requested” that a meeting be set up with Invictus.

Meanwhile, Ahnumanni wowed the crowd as usual and later dropped large amounts of money to the people on the street below, with some prodding by some human known as Kayne West. Tyr meanwhile occupied himself with the likes of Lindsay Lohan and Kim K. Akkadian and Tim spent their free time following up on the status of assets and allies in this modern period.

Finally, Invictus called out the name of the Akkadian in this age (Leo de Medici), thus allowing Akkadian to hear one of his names spoken and he appeared in ghostly form before Invictus, bidding him to meet the Four Horsemen at the Waldorf. He agreed but apparently will be bringing friends. Will trouble ensue? Surely Invictus knows one deal where the companions agree to leave the city to him is enough and will not happen here…

Florence and the Masquerade

Briefly settled in Florence, Ahnumanii decided to host a masquerade ball to get to know the power players in the area. It seems the goal worked as everyone of note showed other than the very powerful kindred Lovonia (Shackti) whose Siamese conventions required a personal invitation.

Ahnumanni made a theatrical image via primitive balloon (courtesy of Leonardo) with a fireworks display in the background. Yes, it’s Ahnumanni (known as Armand in this era). display attracted the attention of all as did hims blood potency and that of Timjurardi, known as Dante in this era.

The companions made their rounds and found that many type of beings were represented: a demon, promethean, Tremere Lich and many kindred. It was found that Bellini was on the side of enlightenment while Katias (and his sire Giseppei Messini) had an agenda continuing the oppression of the Vatican. There was also a brief (and disturbing) encounter with a changeling known as the Mad Princess who very much lived up to her name by presenting odd gifts to the companions.

All in all the masquerade seemed to show that Florence was a confluence in time and the nexus as to whether an age of enlightenment or a fall back into the dark ages would occur. Our ally through the millenia, Marduke and ourselves both wishes to see the former.

Vittorio found that the greatest mind of this time was known as Leonardo Da Vinci and he decided to make the effort to meet him and see if he was Custos material. Invitations to a party and exhibit at Leonardo’s estate were gained.

Finally, a conversation with the demon known as Synth led to the disturbing news that a very powerful demon known as Satania was in Florence and potentially exerting great influence. A second meeting was set up to find Satania later on.

The companions decided the best time to meet a potentially powerful kindred would be a noon the next day and they travelled to the estate of Roman’s human puppets. While Armand was talking his way in with Dante, Vittoria obfuscated and cased the esate until an entrance was found into the sleeping place of Roman and Giseppi.

While Armand was busy taking over the mind of the mortal and quite wealthy inhabitants, Vittoria broke into the room of the slumbering Giseppi and used a powerful pyschic assault to disable him, draining him dangerously low on blood to find out his plans.

Meanwhile Armand and Dante worked their way down, led by Armand’s new mortal slave and broke into the room next door to find a barely waking and quite groggy Roman. Before he could do anything, Roman was literally cut in half by Dante and so the take-over of their estate was complete. All that remained was to formulate a plan to foil their proposed destruction of the forces of enlightenment in Florence.

Next, the companions arrived at the estate of Leonardo and Armand made his usual grand entrance.

Three great artist immediately fell to worship Armand and promised that they had made the provisions necessary to herald his arrival and the gift of his magnum opus. Yes, it was as bad as it sounds. Vittorio (Akkadian), out of curiosity, followed Armand and his worshippers downstairs to see the odd place of workship to Ahnumannii that had been prepared, including a staked kindred of no note. Armand gifted this “magnum opus” upon the 3 to varying degrees of success by laying hands on them. Unfotunately this also caused them great pain.

With Armand’s agreement, Vittorio transported Leonardo to the Temple of the Baphomet where he would be embraced into the way of the Custos through the blood and trained before again leaving the Temple.

prior to those events:

The companions, expecting to see Satania at their estate, were surprised to find that Satania sent 30 knight thralls and an odd servant to instead ask that the companions meet at his estate. Vittorio decided to check it out in the “usual way” via clairvoyance but Satania’s estate was powerfully warded in some fashion and so the decision was made to meet him in person.

After finding to his satisfaction that Satania had not stolen his Templars, but instead saved them from burning, an uneasy truce was reached with coinciding goals of enlightenment of the era.

Vittorio then pried into the powerful mind of Satania and found his motives were as he spoke but also some other interesting things. Unfortunately the demon was able to make the link work both ways and found out much information of the Custos and the resting place of the grail.

Disturbed by the thought of Satania with the grail the companions immediately detoured to the Temple of the Baphomet and reluctantly informed Marduke of what had happened. The decision was made to hide the Grail far into the future and on an alternate plane with no life upon it. Marduke and the Master of Secrets both sampled the Grail first to quite powerful effects and the latter then visited Satania to befuddle him.

Finally, the companions, working with the Da Medici family, found the plan to replace the current Pope with a puppet and journeyed down to interect him. Armand immediately had a powerful new toy…a future Pope.

Longinus and the Holy Grail

The companions, having met with Victus and the Templars decided to take the journey to Cyprus and Jerusalem to visit other beings of potential age and power and perhaps learn from them.

First stopping in Cyprus, Timjuradi was very pleased to see his Teutonic Knights doing well and honoring him with statues. Ahumanni was less pleased that there was no statue of him but they generously complied by putting down a rock said to be Ahnumanni, then engaging in an early form of soccer.

Everyone next visited the Hospitaler Knights, who it was found was headed by a rare Salubri, Maria the Gracious. Maria had impressive healing powers and also spoke of Lazarus and Longinus, able to reduce other kindred to dust with but a thought and able to walk the daytime. Naturally we had to investigate.

Akkaidan visited Lazarus via Clairvoyance and after some heated words, agreed upon a meeting. The companions quickly charioted over to Jerusalem and conned their way into the presence of Lazarus. Akkadian planned a non-lethal capture but Lazarus was alerted and set off by Ahnumanni’s striking presence and battle ensued. After an initial destruction by Timjuradi, Lazarus jumped into another body and fled. Tyr gave chase and struck him down again but unfortunately for him his body was stolen by Lazarus. Akkadian then used his Pyschic Assault to render Tyr’s body in torpor, sending Lazarus back to his own body.

Timjuradi tracked and dug up Lazarus’ body and Akkadian’s desire for knowledge took over and he consumed Lazarus. With the knowledge of Lazarus, Akkadian realized the Holy Grail was buried in the earth of his chamber. The companions located it and, using Spirit’s Touch, Akkadian saw that was the secret to daywalking and overcoming the beast in general. The companions each placed human blood in the Grail and drank. As suspected, the effect was to remove many of the kindred weaknesses and allow walking during the day. A momentous occasion, the companions truly are becoming beings of eternity.

The companions decided they would try again with Longinus, hoping for a more peaceful result. Once again a meeting was set up. Longinus agreed to a noon meeting, which before would not have been possible. When the companions arrived by air, he could only equate them with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalyse, a moniker now adopted by the group.

Longinus revealed his plans to destroy the bastard combination bloodlines of Saturn and Tyr/Akkadian, a very pleasing proposition indeed. Longinus and the companions proceeded with their daytime attack and destroyed the large brood. Longinus promised to write about the Horsemen and carry on the fight against the bastard bloodlines.

Meanwhile, the companions were called back by Marduke: some brave volunteers were needed to be transported forward in time to 1492 and ensure a pivotal time in the human creativity was successful. Guess who went?

In Florence, 1492, the companions received luxury accommodations and quickly set about learning the lay of the land, mostly from the kindred known as Nicolai Machiavelli. Akkadian also caught up with his childe, Giselemange, now ruler of kindred Europe.

We ended preparing for a lavish and large masquerade ball…

Charlemagne to Templars

The companions, having defeated Argentum himself, still had the loose ends known as Kallus and his Blade Dancers. Kallus had an ambush prepared for the group but did not count upon Clairvoyance to reveal his plan. Ahnumannii then possessed a local priest and set off to tell Kallus a deception that the group had captured Argentum and that Kallus should meet to negotiate the return of Argentum. Thus, the battlefield was changed to one of the companions’ choosing.

Kallus and his Blade Dancers did indeed come to the designated meeting spot in town, but not to negotiate. Some of them were obfuscated and others more direct but they all attacked immediately and the only eligible target for them was Timjuradi since Akkadian and Tyr were obfuscated and Ahnumannii used his ability to make himself seem to daunting a target to attack.

The attack commenced with Timjuradi unleashing an incredible fury, taking out several Blade Dancers all at once. Kallus then appeared and layed into Tyr for massive damage. Akkadian ran to his aid and appeared before Kallus, unleashing a psychic assault that immediately rendered him in torpor. Infuriated by the fall of their master, Akkadian and Tyr were swarmed by Blade Dancers, each chipping away at the ancients.

While Timjuradi continued to reign down destruction and was having no problems, Akkadian and Tyr gradually beat back the remaining forces except for one, which Ahnumanni had enslaved to his will. When the dust settled, Timjuradi took the incredible weapon and armor from Kallus for his own.

The companions spent the next 28 years ensuring Charlemange’s reign and the succession of his newphew as Pope. Once all was assured, they retreated to the Temple of the Baphomet for a rest of many years…until the 1119.

Anvar once again proved himself resourceful and impressive in finding the ancients and alerting them of a new danger. The four refreshed themselves and journeyed to Jerusalem to aid the Custos’ Gladiators of Petros, now known as The Knights Templar. After some initial problems with communications and establishing identity, Akkadian took command of the wagon train from Jerusalem, bearing many treasures of the Custos and beginning the journey to ensure its safety.

Along the way they met two very impressive knights, Hughes de Payan and his younger brother Jacques. During a Saracen ambush, both proved themselves outstanding fighters and the ancients were introduced to new styles of fighting using volleys of arrows and charges from horseback. Very impressive.

Upon the defeat of the Saracens, the group stumbled upon some ruins that Auspex revealed was the home base of a pack of werewolves. Werewolves and Mages had become much more prevalent since the days of Charlemagne and vampires less so. The group knew they would be tracked by scent during the day and must destroy the lupines. Akkadian took out two of them while they slept using the powers of his mind, then the others awoke and battle ensued. Once again Timjuradi showed his improved and incredible fighting prowess, as did Tyr.

At the end of the battle, it was apparent that the lupines had a horde of treasure, now belonging to the ancients. Back at the top of the ruins, it was discovered that Hughes and Jacques had also dispatched some werewolf guardians. Once again very impressive.

Paris to Egypt, Milan and back to Gaul

Rather than face a month-long journey with King Charles’ caravan, the companions knew they had a month to spend on their own plans with the rapid transit of the Chariot of Apollo/Helios. Each went there own way for a time. The Akkadian spent much time in the Temple of the Baphomet communicating with the various branches of the Custos. After some time the group came back together and Akkadian knew he must help Tyr and Timjuradi stave off the ravages of time as he had learned to do and Ahnumannhi as well in his own way.

A visit to Elan was in order where both Tyr and Timjuradi were offered chances to punish traitors to the Fir’awn via diablerie, thus gaining the discipline of Mastaba. Elan was impressed to see the original companions were protected for thousands of years but of course he already knew this. Akkadian trained with his childe Elan and discovered that the childe had surpassed the master in combat. He was most impressed that Elan had no slept since the days of ancient Egypt. Akkadian also began to show him the higher powers of Auspex.

Elan mentioned that the sub-bloodline created by a demon of Rome and the Akkadian’s blood was hiding out in caves in the desert. The group thought it prudent to pay them a visit but this was quickly proven unwise as what appeared to be a hive mind of the group was awakened and hungry for blood. The companions quickly exited back and eventually made their way to Milan.

In Milan they first caught up with their old friend Marcus who remembered the debt of having his existence twice saved by the group and agreed to stay out of the companion’s plans with Charles. The group in turn would leave him to control Milan as he desired. Additionally, the companions eliminated a Nosferatu of a little note as a favor and Akkadian was able to first test his ability to defeat an opponent without physical violence.

Next, Ahnummani talked with King Charles and the rest of the group in private and Charles intimated that life would be easier for him if his nephew were no longer a “problem” and if his brother were confirmed dead. The group traveled to confirm Carlo’s death while Charles began the long journey down to Rome.

Carlo was indeed confirmed dead but the rumor was he was assassinated. Two of those assassins had been captured and were thus “questioned” by Ahnummani and Timjuradi. It was discovered they were sent by their old nemesis Argentum. Immediately the companions journeyed to confront Argentum.

In transit, Akkadian used his abilities of clairvoyance to discovered a trap and instead they planned to reverse it, doing so successful and destroying Argentum with little trouble. Carlo’s son was also easily captured by Ahummanni, yet the challenge of confront Argentum’s blades remains in the immediate future.

Paris, 770AD

Awakened by the loyal and talented Fir’awn known as Anvar, the ancient companions take a few weeks to feel out their new territory. Akkadian finds an impressive talent within the Custos organization known as Ragnar to ghoul and Ragnar is helpful in teaching the companions the new language known as Frankish and of the current culture of the Western world.

Rome has fallen and been reborn under a new fanatical religion run by something called the Vatican. The Vatican has caused a number of problems for supernatural beings all over the Hisil as apparently they believe such beings to be blasphemous.

After taking some time to feel out the surroundings and adjust, the ancient of Castle Achauis make their entrance at a social hosted by the Princling childe of Clodius known as Grael. Grael and his lovely assistant were naturally intimidated by the extreme blood potency emanating from Ahnumani and in fact several young kindred in attendance fled in terror. Akkadian quickly discovered that Grael was bound to an ancient now-freed servant of Sutek known as Marceau the Ancient. Marceau then offered various knowledge relating to Sutek, including his location, in exchange for locating an and taking items of Sutek from an extremely powerful Moros in the Valley of the Kings and who happens to be the childe of Sutek. We tell him we’ll think about it.

Later, two young but ambitious kindred arrive, each of which controls a co-King of the realm. Drak-Mohr the Noble and Lord Cafforan both had obviously practiced the art of sovereignty and practiced it well. However, both were full of the weight of their own power and, with our ancient perspective it was certainly grated.

We then experienced the presence of a new type of power as we tried to approach the Bishop. Akkadian was unable to approach at all and it seemed the powerful blood potency actually worked as a negative in this instance, whereas Tyr and Timjuradi could approach. Tyr decided to leave it at all but Timjuradi lashed out and, after taking a nasty burn from this religious power, Tim cut down the bishop with his claws. This caused mass chaos as the co-Kings prepared to flee the city and the representative of the Vatican were out for blood.

The companions, after this disaster, elected to compound the disaster by attacking King Carlo and his master, Lord Cafforan. A quick battle ensued and Tyr struck down the co-King while Cafforan surrendered. The companions questioned and released him, banishing him from the area as he realized he was dealing with a greater power.

Still faced with the large problem of the Bishop, the companions sent an envoy with a story to the Vatican forces, claiming Carlo was in league with evil and orchestrated the whole thing. His forces then turned on him and took revenge, or so the story claimed. It appeared to work.

A bit later, a different human Bishop of some sort tried a power play in the city. The companions brokered a deal with the other co-King, Charles. Charles impressed with Akkadian with his surprising intelligence and wisdom and even seemed to elevate himself beyond Drakmohr. This deal required the Bishop to be brought before Charles for questioning. What seemed like a straight-forward operation turned ugly with a surprise attack on Tyr by and Obrimos mage. This mage then distributed much damage to the Akkadian before being struck down with prejudice. The bishop tried to claim he wasn’t making a power play but Charles saw through such things and metted out harsh punishment of death.

The companions then agreed to accompany Charles to Milan for his wedding and consolidation of power.

From Lutetia to Slumber

The companions, having eliminated several elements of danger from their new home, find that there are still two threats remaining. In order to build a future here, it is necessary to alleviate those threats.

They first hear of a Mekhet known as Mahesh to has terrorized the local kindred from quite some time, having diablerized a great many of them, including his own brood and sire. After forcing information from a local nosferatu who had agreed to inform Mahesh of any newcomers, Achaius did some scouting and found his place of hiding.

Summoning Mahesh with the use of a pigeon (provided by the Nosferatu), Mahesh was led to believe there was another feast available to him and headed towards Lutetia from his rural haven. Anumani was once again used as bait while Tyr and Akkadian waited on the sides of the road obfuscated. Mahesh, a being of considerable power at this point, was not fooled and unleashed the power of his sword, causing great damage to a wide area with electricity, then charging Anumani.

Anumani stood tall to the charge and used an amazing proficient with his majesty to hold Mahesh at bay. Tyr was not so lucky and took a mighty blow from Mahesh. Tyr returned the blow in impressive fashion, followed by two impressive strikes by Akkadian, quickly putting Mahesh down. Anumani then decided it would be a good idea to revive Mahesh with some blood, instantly blood bonding him and questioning him. After the questioning, it was determined Mahesh must be put down and was, though he almost took Akkadian with him this time. Tyr acquired his amazing sword and the Parisi were informed of yet another success.

The remaining threat was revealed in the form of a powerful demon known as Ankou, the God of Death. Ankou was based in a tower where he would terrorize all other threats in the area with some conscripted Hunters. After scouting in undetectable fashion, Akkadian realized this was a being of immense power and that they would need help. Borrowing Timjurardi’s chariot, the trio headed back to Rome and brokered a deal with the demon Saturn. Saturn would consume the soul of Ankou, while Akkadian and Tyr each provided him with a vampiric servant. Akkadian’s humanity was once again restored as well.

The four headed back to Lutetia where they prepared an ambush in the tunnels, the abode of another demon of lust and Anumani summoned Akou. Akou assumed it was the lust demon that summoned him and quickly destroyed him with incredible power. Saturn then released their wall of hiding and hit Akou with an incredible blow with his two circlets of power. Tyr then struck down a Hunter while Akkadian finished off Akou and Saturn drank his soul, along with that of the lust demon, quite a coup for him. He also erected a massive structure for the companions, while including an impressive place of worship for himself.

After the dizzying amount of success in a short time, Clodius realized Anumani must be the true ruler of Lutetia and decided to slumber. Akkadian offered Fir’awn protection for Clodius and it was accepted. A false accusation was made by an insignificant Parisi but it was quickly put down.

After another century of building and preparation, it was time for the companions to rest once again.


The companions, after their previous Rome experience, decide that Rome is too unstable to really grow their future and start eying alternate locations. Persia, Carthage, India and Gaul are all up for discussion but when Marduke announces his move to Lutetia, it is settled. Yet, with unfinished business in Rome, Akkadian must first bear witness against Argentum, brother of Invictus. He accomplishes this, making a new enemy and finding out that perhaps Invictus is not who he says.

In any case, the companions make their way out of Rome with their sizable entourage in tow and make the ardous trip over the Alps into Gaul, eventually nearing Lutetia. When they arrive they find the city on lock-down from a Gaelic army and investigate, meeting the local kindred in due course. The young kindred are unable to deal with the driving force behind the army, a troublesome Geist. One day later, the companions bring back the head of the Geist and unite the Gaelic army with the Roman contingent they brought and send them up against what appears to be a Viking army in the northern forest.

In the meantime, Akkadian (now known as Achaius) scours the area for a brilliant architect and finds one in the person of Varsara the Parisii. Sensing greatness in Varsara, Achaius ghouls him with the later prospect of becoming a kindred and commissions a great project known as the Castle of Achaius.

Time will tell how the army fares against the Vikings and how the Castle progresses.

Rome Part II

After several years of relative peace in Rome, the group is approached by Invictus to discuss the group’s stance on Invictus’ (violent) return to Rome and the overthrow of Fabius. Invictus is also an old enemy of Scipio. The group tells Invictus they will not interfere with his plans, although remained flexible on the issue.

Akkadian, knowing war would be coming in a few years, redirects his resources to various locales, most notably Sicily and Byzantine. Victus is given his first full command and autonomy in Byzantine, having proven himself in all regards. Once settled, Victus is also given the go-ahead to pursue his personal agenda regarding his family.

Akkadian notices that Fabius has become complacent, overconfident and perhaps even lazy in his rule of Rome and decides that Fabius is most certainly the losing side. Knowing that rulership of places and things rise and fall, the group elects for self preservation. Alone with only the group, Fabius and Marcus, Akkadian telepathically communicates with Marcus and lets him know he may leave. Akkadian then kills Fabius, but the official story names Anumani as the destroyer once again.

Akkadian admires what Invictus could be but sees that he is held back by some of his advisers, especially his brother Argentum and Akkadian decides to act by providing witness against him. How will it turn out? Why is Marduke moving to Gaul? These are the questions that need answered.

Egypt Again

The group decides to board one of Lucia’s ships in order to hunt down some of her brood but the trip does not go as expected and everyone is stranded aboard ship. They quickly take over the ship and orchestrate a landing in Sicily to take care of the imposter Akkadian. Arriving at the imposter’s palace, the real Akkadian quickly dispatches him and finds a new pupil in the process, who is sent back to Rome for seasoning. The group then sails on to Egypt in pursuit of Lucia.

Back in Egypt after so long, the companions sough to find Lucia and finally put an end to that adversarial relationship. Before they can track down Lucia, however, they find that the harbor is burning at the hand of Caesar who had preceded them in the trip and Akkadian notices a vast array of knowledge in the Library of Alexandria is threatened. Moving quickly, Akkadian enlists the help of the group and some others to move the contents of the library to the Temple of Serapis and they take up residence in the temple.

Scouting out around the area, the group finds Lucia and, surprisingly, that she has a master to plans to take over the kindred world. Utilizing the power of humans, Akkadian orchestrates a daytime invasion by Ptolemy and has the entire brood burned in their own haven. The group then waits in the Temple until members of the Custos arrives to relieve them, allowing a return trip to Rome.


In Rome the Akkadian finds that society has changed and kindred must live more in the shadows rather than openly as gods for mortals to worship. It is a pleasing change for him.

After participating in the overthrow of the Camarilla’s Prater of Rome in favor of the Bonificant, Akkadian (going by the name Acadius) is named to the world’s first primogen. As part of these early times of transition, he aids with the cleansing of the remaining opposition and personally destroys the Nightwatcher (Nosferatu) and takes the Castellum Petra from it’s prior Gangrel owner, destroying him in the process. Having diablerized both parties, Akkadian finds himself farther detached from humanity than he likes and in danger of falling too far.

Acadius takes the troops at his new Castellum and assigns control to his ghoul Victus, a former gladiator now leading former gladiators. He is tasked with looking for talented fighters among the group who also value learning and knowledge as potential candidates to become Custos Gnaritas.

Meanwhile, the group is tasked by Marduke (now Mercury) into escorting a nymph to the dark Mage known as Pantos and his master, a being calling himself Saturn (a name of Sutek). The group was also tasked with destroying Pantos and does so, later taking his robe back and his head to Marduke as a prize. While in the temple of Saturn, however they are captured by Saturn in a mystical room with no exit and questioned as to how they know of Sutek’s ancient name. They quickly discover that it is not really Sutek but a daemon who has taken up the mantle of Sutek and is playing as a local god. The group takes an Oath to keep his secret in exchange for a boon. Acadius requests a return to his more connected state with humanity, as well as knowledge as to the two most intelligent, unbound humans in Rome.

Over the next 10 years, Acadius works to continue the creation of the Custos Gnaritas, offering Ipsimus positions to several powerful beings, including Tyrranus and also filling many other positions.

Ancient Times

A thief from ancient Akkadia, Rihat Seluku was captured by the powerful kindred Marduke and imprisoned in Babylon. There he was forcibly made into a vampire by Lanki. Lanki, a Mekhet, has not been seen since that time. After a period of continued imprisonment and training, Rihat and his newly embraced compapions (Tyr, Timjaradi and Anumani) were released on ancient Babylon to begin their unlives.

After a short time, they were sent to investigate actions at a strange structure east of the city. There they found the demon Pazzuzu and faced a decision as to whether to accept a bargain from this powerful entity. All but Anumani did and gained some power, though at at price. Due to this Pazzuzu was able to gain access to the Tower of Babel, causing its ruin. Anumani, though not involved, has been pegged by historians as the responsible party and those few who know the truth are not saying otherwise.

During the chaos of the Tower of Babel, the four companions were all encased in the falling rock and there they stayed until being transported to Egypt much later, under the reign of Ramses and the time of Moses. The four had different approaches to this setting. While they peacefully existed at first in this setting, Rihat was certainly in favor of aiding the cause of freeing the Jewish slaves and fostering the cause of Moses. Anumani did not necessarily agree but was foiled in his interaction with Moses, a powerful mage.

Later in Egypt, the four traveled up river, braving a crocodile mismap with Anumani to investigate a strange palace that contained Sutek, later known as Hades. This would foretell events for millenia to come. During their meeting, the group accepted gifts of amulets and masks of various and impressive powers and went on their way. During the time of the slave revolt and a period of dangerous unrest, the decision was made to go into hiding for a long period of time. It is during this period that the Akkadian donned his new moniker and evolved in his unique bloodline which he named the Firwan. Using an innovative combination of blood to create a new discipline, he used this Mastaba to ensure his friends’ safety.

The four surfaced once again when found by emissary of Anumani’s mentor, the mighty and ancient Marduke, now known as Hermes. They four are then escorted to the Isle of Crete where they discover it is ruled by several kindred posing as gods. They quickly run afoul of the kindred calling himself Helios and battle ensues, resulting in Timjarati taking on the mantle of Helios and his flying chariot of fire in the bargain. Soon after they have conflict with and defeat Apollo, though Apollo escapes. Later, they visit Zeus, a powerful being of unknown origin who directs the four to find Sutek (now Hades) in the underworld. They are accompanied by Zeus’ servant, the powerful Kratos. Their senses lead them to find and face Hades. Hades defeated them, turning them to stone and Zeus rescued them and placed in them in a safe place for many centuries.

Once again resurfacing, this time in ancient Rome, circa 63BC, the four quickly found out things were different. Now governed by the laws of an organization known as the Camarilla, kindred no longer posed directly as gods, but kept to and ruled from the shadows. This was much more to Akkadian’s liking, now going by the more Roman moniker of Acadius. Their ancient shepherd Marduke is once again present, this time in the guise of Mercury.

The group is introduced to the Pater Sanguinus and immediately runs afoul, as questions arise of age and language. The Pater is proven wrong but claims otherwise and the group develops and immediate dislike. Akkadian however is impressed with Marcus, a kindred with two swords and magical armor.

Shortly thereafter, the group met two kindred known as Fabius and Scipio who have a design on toppling the current leadership. Akkadian is in favor of this having been insulted by Pater and noted Pater’s disregard for knowledge. At this time, the Akkadian begins to formulate the beginnings of a new Covenant.

Shortly after, at a celebration for newcomers to Rome, the Akkadian defeats “the Athenian” in single combat in the gladiatorial arena, diablerizing him in the process, as is allowed under Camarilla rule. Immediately following this battle, Fabius makes his move and the Pater is killed in the process. During the battle, Akkadian attacks Marcus and Marcus yields out of respect and loss of his charger, the Pater. The first ever Primogen is formed, including Akkadian and Tyr. Tymgararti and Anumani become the right and left hand of Fabius in the new power structure of ancient Rome. This coincides with the human Triumvarite of Rome, including Julius Caesar.

Akkadian now receives word of an imposter in Sicily. While not top priority, certain an issue to deal with…

The Akkadian

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