The Nightwatcher, ruler of the Necropolis of Rome

keeper of the dead


The Nightwatcher was an important member of the Camarilla under the Pater Sanguiness in Rome. He started as a priest of Vulcan, taking care of the bodies in the catacombs in the Necropolis under the Temple of Jupiter. He kept some renowned company and grew vastly powerful and influential. However, once Fabius took over, the Nightwatcher pledged his fealty to him. Fabius accepted his pledge and then immediately dispatched his allies to diablerize the Nightwatcher. Fabius is a man of war first and foremost, and he believes your vanquished enemies allies can not be your allies. It was Akkadius and Anumani that finished him off.


The Nightwatcher started off as a priest of Vulcan named Lucilius Necropolis Flamen Invictus. He was embraced circa 343BC by a nomadic Nosferatu named Nephemdos. He met his end in the year 60BC.

The Nightwatcher, ruler of the Necropolis of Rome

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