Tinneus the Stone Dog

Master of Illicit Acquisitions


Tinneus keeps to the dark and shadows, he is astute and wise, keen of mind, but does not put himself into very many situations. He is extremely quick and deceptive if need be.

Tinneus 2


Tinneus hails from the Persian lands, though judging from his appearance his family found those lands as slaves from Gaul. He was embraced around 250BC by a shadowy coven called “Al Akbar-Baruuqa” and served as their thief until the time to escape presented itself. On his journies he met Yosanna and the two fell in love. It was later that Invictus found them, and a pledge was made for service. After that, they became fast friends with Arithar and Mordicai.

Tinneus the Stone Dog

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