Varsara the Parisii

Chief Builder of the Custos Gnaritas


Apparent Age: 30
5’7", 145 lbs
Black Hair, Brown Eyes
Thinly built
Race: Parisian (Lutetia)
Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Custos Gnaritas


Varsara was always a brilliant architect and had some some great works with his classical training in the ancient city of Lutetia.

When The Akkadian arrived in the city, he sought a great castle in which to headquarter his companions and the Custos Gnaritas and he was referred to Varsara. Varsara designed an innovative and incredible structure later known as The Castle Achaius.

The was partly with the aid of a request from the demon Saturn to make him “the greatest architect the world would ever know.” This was done and he began what is now the branch of the Custos known as the builders.

He has since recruited many other great architects, including Vetruvius of Rome and Galeazzo Alessi, the most renowned architect in Byzantia (having moved there from Perugia).

Varsara the Parisii

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