Height/Weight: 6’, 190 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

Former ghoul of Acadius, later embraced into the Mekhet clan by Acadius.


Victus – a small time gladiator who earned some freedom and was granted as a gift from Fabius under the rules of the Camarilla as someone who can do favors for you in the day you have the right to ghoul. Victus hails from North of Rome in the old Etruscan region, and he is a skilled warrior who favors speed to power. He also is incredibly witty and won his freedom by making a deal with the old Gladiator Quartermaster Surectus by tricking him in a slight of hand game. Victus wants to be able to stand side by side with a driven individual and will perform most tasks admirably. Vistus has since been embraced and moved on in the scheme of the Fir’Awn.


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