Vwynn, head of the Peregrine Collegia


almost unsure of himself, he seems demure and does not enter much into public discussion, he has average height and build, and loves the draping one piece robe. He prefers comfort to fashion and does not hold the part of the Lord. He believes all kindred and humans are equal and have the right to live as they would, that power and wealth do not facilitate oppression.


Vwynn was a noble in Carthage, and a perfect fit for a patsy for Invictus. Invinctus has fueled Vwynn’s contrary beliefs with his overt control over him throughout his unlife. Vwynn always had to sit at the little boys table and was never allowed into the schemes and plots. Many wonder why he still travels with Invictus at all…

Vwynn, head of the Peregrine Collegia

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