Amulet of the Horse

Flying Horse Amulet


The wearer may summon a flying horse at any time. The horse is capable of traveling up to 100 mph.


As the companions sought to make the ancient city of Lutetia, future site of Paris, their home, first had to make it safe. One great threat of this was a Mekhet known as Mahesh to has terrorized the local kindred from quite some time, having diablerized a great many of them, including his own brood and sire. After forcing information from a local nosferatu who had agreed to inform Mahesh of any newcomers, Achaius did some scouting and found his place of hiding.

Summoning Mahesh with the use of a pigeon (provided by the Nosferatu), Mahesh was led to believe there was another feast available to him and headed towards Lutetia from his rural haven. Anumani was once again used as bait while Tyr and Akkadian waited on the sides of the road obfuscated. Mahesh, a being of considerable power at this point, was not fooled and unleashed the power of his sword, causing great damage to a wide area with electricity, then charging Anumani.

Anumani stood tall to the charge and used an amazing proficient with his majesty to hold Mahesh at bay. Tyr was not so lucky and took a mighty blow from Mahesh. Tyr returned the blow in impressive fashion, followed by two impressive strikes by Akkadian, quickly putting Mahesh down. Anumani then decided it would be a good idea to revive Mahesh with some blood, instantly blood bonding him and questioning him. After the questioning, it was determined Mahesh must be put down and was, though he almost took Akkadian with him this time. Tyr acquired his amazing sword and the Parisi were informed of yet another success.

It was from this encounter that The Akkadian discovered Mahesh was wearing an amulet that, upon closer inspection, could summon a flying horse.

Tyr received Mahesh’s fabulous weapon.

Amulet of the Horse

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