Armor of the Underworld

Akkadian's Armor


Armor Rating: 5
Penalty: 0

Special Attributes:
Wearer may traveling to the Underworld by concentrating for 5 minutes. The return trip works in a similar fashion.


Following a confrontation with a troublesome Geist in Lutetia, the group discovered the being had a few very impressive items. Among those was the Armor of the Underworld. This armor was obtained by the Akkadian while others of the group received other items.

This Geist, Vercingetorix, was a plague to the city of Lutetia and had frustrated the attempts of the young kindred already living there in their attempts to defeat, or even find him. It took the four friends from Babylon only one day, thus impressing upon the young kindred of Lutetia the power of the group.

Armor of the Underworld

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