Blades of Antioch

Akkadian's Swords

weapon (melee)

Two longswords.

Damage: 4 aggravated per hit
Special: each hit subtracts one willpower from target and gives it to the wielder. Additionally, this will heal one point of any type of damage for the wielder.


Within the Temple of Mars (a demon of Rome), the group faced off against a number of wolves and Mars’ champion, Orbitus. The group vanquished their foes, much to the amazement of the onlookers in Mars’ arena. Timjurardi then took Orbitus’ armor and Akkadian took his Blades of Antioch.

Later, Akkadian brought a new willing candidate to Mars to be his champion in exchange for the freedom of their ally Kratos. Kratos has since been steadfastly loyal to the group.

Far ahead of their time, the fine Blades strike fear with only their appearance.

Blades of Antioch

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