Castellum Petra



This fortified castellum has a main tower and a walled court-yard used for various types of martial training.

Built in the first century BC in Rome.


During a time of kindred and mortal upheaval, the companions were forced to choose sides or flee Rome. Seeing one path to stability, they sided with Fabius and Scipio in a coupe and then aided them in hunting down several of the remaining power brokers of the city. One such was the Gangrel known as Gathrik.

Safely walled in his fortified Castellum Petra, Gathrik spent his time overseeing the Carthaqian Guard, a group of former gladiators. Acadius and Tyranus used the powers of obfuscate to get past the Guard and track down Gathrik in his chamber. They defeated him and Tyranus diablerized him.

Shortly afterward, Acadius went back down to the courtyard and announced that he was the new leader of the gladiators. One gladiator challenged Acadius for leadership and he was quickly defeated. At this point Ahnumani had arrived and used his powers of Majesty to further cement the deal.

Castellum Petra

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