Mekhet Bloodline


Fir`awn Bloodline

Quote: You want the blood of the elder, young one? You aren’t ready for it. Earn it by passing countless centuries…or try getting past me.

The Fir’wan bloodline is truly ancient and most modern vampires will ever run across a member for both this reason and because its members tend to be secluded. Even if a modern day kindred were to meet a Fir’wan, he likely would never know it.

Kindred history is often a living history and the Fir’wan like to keep it that way. Were no one around to maintain ancient knowledge, countless storehouses of what was known could be lost. That is something entirely unacceptable to those chosen to perpetuate this bloodline.

The Fir’wan’s unique blood discipline allows them to pass through the ages more successfully than most others. They are the protectors of sleeping ancients, the sages and librarians of history and incredibly secretive. Often elders watched by these kindred do not even know they have been protected throughout the ages by someone they presumed was an also-slumbering friend.

Parent Clan: Mekhet

Nicknames: The Keepers; Watchers; Librarians; Crypt Keepers

Covenent: There are many rumors, but only those of the Fir’awn truly know.

Appearance: Although there is no one “style” to members of the Fir’awn, there are some common traits. Even though Fir’awn often wish to remain unseen and to fit into society unnoticed, they do look for excellent genetics in their breeding stock and therefore are always physically fit and usually at least somewhat attractive. Fir’awn are always “put together” and tend to be obsessive about their apperance as they are so many things. Anachronistic clothing and style is rare among Fir’awn, even among the elders, as they wish to better “blend-in”.

Haven: Fir’awn tend to have two different styles of haven, depending upon their current role. Those who are guarding sleeping kindred favor very out-of-the-way locations, often underground, in caves or other places not easily found. Fir’wan who are exclusively librarians or a combination of librarian and crypt keeper will have a very nondescript yet functional abode in which to store their knowledge, often with large, secure basements. All are chosen for defensibility.

Background: The Fir’wan populate their bloodline almost exclusively from newly-embraced kindred that have not been a part of “normal” kindred society. This helps to ensure the Fir’awn’s role as guardian and protector of history, not ruler or maker of history and lessen the chances that their progeny go rogue at some point.

Candidates to be embraced tend to be either physically gifted or mentally exceptionally, while no less than average in their secondary traits. Such candidates are carefully observed for at least 2 to 3 years in their mortal life and examined for character flaws like greed or envy, which are not compatible with their role. Once the observation period is satisfied, the consequences of the embrace are explained to the candidate and once accepted, they are embraced. If not accepted, they are blood-bonded for the remainder of their lives to ensure loyalty.

Character Creation: Physical and mental attributes are most prized by the Fir’awn. Either can be primary, depending upon whether they more emphasize the protector or the librarian role. Most do aspects of both.

Common merits include Resources, Allies, Contacts and Haven Security.

Bloodline Disciplines: Auspex, Celerity, Mastaba, Obfuscate

Weaknesses: Fir’wan are mildly obsessive-compulsive. As an astute guardian of tombs it is the little changes that can show intrusion or ambush so they are ever vigilant in making sure the things around your haven or tomb are “just so” and therefore will suffer a -1 dice penalty on all rolls until they are restored.

Al masqa firawn


History, Society and Organization: While the bloodline originated to protect kindred, it later expanded to also protect stores of knowledge. To assure that no knowledge is lost, kindred operate in pod-like geographic groups of five, wherein each kindred knows exactly two of the other members of the pod. In modern times, this structure is supplemented with the advent of encryption and the internet, allowing greater safety of and access to ancient secrets.

Initially solitary, members of the bloodline, as it increased in number, began to trade copies of knowledge stores and techniques, maximizing the chances that events like the burning of the Great Library of Alexandria would do nothing to diminish knowledge among the kindred.

For living vessels of knowledge, there is a strict code of honor that forbids “sampling the goods” while they sleep. This is a severe violation of the Fir’wan code. This code was initially handed down by the Bloodline’s originator, know only as “The Akkadian”. There are conflicting reports as to whether he/she still exists. It is said that only those oldest members of the Fir’wan know for sure and, true to code, they aren’t talking. It is also said that The Akkadian originally developed the Fir’wan’s unique discipline while protecting his/her own group of traveling companions through time.

Roleplaying Notes: While Fir’awn are often socially awkward, it is not uncommon for them to be quite manipulative since that is often necessary for them to keep their secrets. While Fir’awn are aggressive in adhering to their code of honor, it leaves much flexibility for personal gain, as long as it is not at the expense of those they protect. Fir’awn can and do participate to some extent in kindred society but never openly as Fir’awn, merely as Mekhet.

If Fir’awn hear of plans by other kindred to diablerize a sleeping elder, it behooves them to act, as long as it does not compromise their primary charge. If they are able to add the threatened kindred to their own sphere of protection, they will do so.

Fir’awn will often be very skilled in Obfuscate, allowing them to collect intelligence and other information about happenings around them. They tend to skulk about quite often.


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