Mask of Anubis

Anubis, Childe of Sutek


Allows wearer the following abilities:

Size/Health +3 With Jackal Mask Worn
The wearer grows to size of 16’ tall.

With Necklace Only:
+2 Willpower
+2 Composure
+3 Occult
+2r Necromancy spells/Disciplines
see wraiths and spirits
+3 armor versus magics
can control undead of Anubis


After finding the location of Anubis, Lord of the Underworld from Marceau the Ancient, the companions carefully considered their actions. Then they decided to confront Anubis anyway.

The Akkadian scouted the area with Clairvoyance and then made himself visible to Anubis, who insulted him and provoked a confrontation. Still, the companions were given safe passage to meet with him, but the discussion was interrupted by an attack from the powerful Mage.

Anubis underestimated the combined power of 4 ancient kindred and was quickly felled, his mask taken by Akkadian.

Mask of Anubis

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