Parent Clan: Gangrel

Nickname: Tyrians

Kindred history, from the beginning of the Camarilla, has little knowledge of the origins of the Sayarsus. There are tales of one ancient Kindred, who began the bloodline after a landmark battle in Rome, establishing the Camarilla and its original leaders. The early Tyrians were given focused tasks—infiltrate all outlying kingdoms of Rome and establish a complex spy network for the clan Gangrel, using their discipline Mens Mentis Dominatus. There are murmurs that the network was also loyal to a special council of supernatural beings that gathered and preserved all forms of knowledge. The bloodline is primarily concerned with gathering knowledge, good or bad, that will help preserve its members and further bolster its position throughout time. Tyrians are keepers of knowledge, and knowledge is power.

Covenant: Sayarsus tend to avoid covenants, as it usually upsets their plans for further extending the network they are accustomed to, because, although Sayarsus provide the appearance of being solitary, they are anything but. This bloodline is linked either in subtle or very profound ways—the link of the network is profound and vastly complex. Information from every corner of the world is gathered and assessed by all Tyrians. By and large, the Sayarsus prefer to remain unaligned in order to maintain their cover and and to pick up and leave, should the need arise.

Appearance: Tyrians are chosen for their disciplined minds. Duty is second-nature to all chosen by this bloodline. Also, physical fitness is almost always a deciding factor in making a new apprentice. All these traits combined almost always involve military training or some sort of soldier, which is why most of the bloodline are comprised of such vampires.

Haven: Tyrians do not stay in one place for very long, as they are constant collectors of knowledge. As most of the bloodline are outlanders, the earth is the best haven for Tyrians.

Bloodline Disciplines: Protean, Obfuscate, Resilience, Mens Mentis Dominatus.




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