Temple of Akkadius



An impressive and sprawling villa located in northern Sicily across the Tyhrrenian Sea from Italy.

Built in the first century BC or perhaps earlier.


Shortly after awakening in Rome circa 60 BC, the Akkadian heard via rumors and other sources that a false Akkadian had set up shop in Sicily. He quickly decided the imposter must be deposed but did not immediately have time.

Having been stuck aboard a ship bound for Egypt some time later, Ahnumani, Tyr and the Akkadian took over the ship and diverted it first to Sicily before proceeding. Once they arrived in Sicily they quickly found the Temple of the Akkadian and, inside a Mekhet claiming to be Akkodius. His Babylonian was similarly mispronounced and incorrect.

The Akkadian revealed himself to Akkodius and offered a chance to explain but combat immediately ensued. The Akkadian quickly overcame his imposter and diablerized. Having done so he learned that the imposter had come across the companions while they were frozen in statue form and used Auspex to find out much of the life of the Akkadian and tried to use that as best he could.

One of the impostor’s pupils stayed and asked to follow the ways of the true Akkadian. He was accepted and sent to Rome for training.

The Akkadian commandeered the villa for the use of the Custos Gnaritas and set it up as the base in Sicily.

Temple of Akkadius

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