Temple of Enlil

Ancient Babylon


A top rate example of architecture of the ancient world, complete with areas to sacrifice animals and dungeons below ground.

Built prior to 1792 BC.


The Temple of Enlil is the place where the companions Ahnumani, The Akkadian, Timurati and Tyr were first brought together under the watchful eye of the Ventrue known as Enlil.

After embrace into the kindred world, the powerful Mage Marduke took a liking to Ahnumani that would last throughout many ages, perhaps to modern day. Marduke knew Ahnumani would have a great chance of survival with the aid of some companions and thus all were freed.

From that venue they began their adventure of thousands of years, starting with the destruction of the Tower of Babylon and meeting with the demon Pazzuzu.

Temple of Enlil

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