The Camarilla of Rome


In ancient Rome, there are no covenants of Kindred.
The whole of vampire society falls under the umbrella of
the Camarilla, a governing organization initiated by the
Julii of Rome and overseen by a legislative assembly. Four
official “wings” make up the whole of the Camarilla: the
ruling body of the Senex, the military arm of the Legio
Mortuum, the religious union of the Cult of Augurs and
the lower-class catch-all of the Peregrine Collegia. Every
Roman vampire in good standing pays service to at least
one of these wings, finding a place in the overall operation
of the Camarilla. A fifth, unofficial (and, depending
on one’s perspective, potentially criminal) faction of the
Camarilla has emerged in recent years, and is quickly rising
to challenge the status quo: a religious offshoot of the
Peregrine Collegia known as the Lancea et Sanctum.

Camarilla 2


When our brood enters Rome they find the Camarilla is run by a Julii who calls himself the Pater Sanguiness. He runs the Camarilla in the intended method of its found Julius Senex; though he has moved it out of the Necropolis and changed the Elysium. However he is usurped by Fabius Maximus who changes the paramaters to Clan Representation with a Primogen council, and disbands the 4 wings of the Camarilla. Fabius also chooses to keep the Camarilla above ground. The laws and traditions are followed very loosely by Fabius, who seems to view kindred rulership at a military position, despite his title of Benificus.

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The Camarilla of Rome

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