The Watchers

Daemons of the Custos Gnaritas


While most Demons are concerned about their Legacy (i.e. knowledge of their extra-planar existence), there are those who realize the importance and potential of the Hisil. Those with benevolent intentions of sharing such information may qualify for induction into The Watchers. There are other criteria to be sure.

Daemons are (or used to be) spiritual beings of great power. Some of them were actually gods. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Norse. Gods that somehow lost their favor. Not all of them were gods. Some were just powerful beings that might have eventually become gods had they wanted it. Others that were here before the concept of gods. Beings older than time. All of these beings have one thing in
common. They had power. They were powerful once, but not anymore. They were forgotten. At least, for a while.

Some of those who have experienced what it is to either forget or be forgotten know that it is a tragedy. The more enlightened of those may qualify to be a Watcher. Even rare still are those Watchers who formally join the Custos Gnaritas.

Potentially any Modus can join the Watchers. Overwhelmingly, however, the most common House to join is, not surprisingly, the House of Enlightenment. Even within this house it is rare to find those who prioritize the Hisil so highly as qualify for the Watchers.

Temple of serapis


Supposedly founded by Raziel the Melekh in about 60BC, the daemons offer an important and powerful voice in the Custos Gnaritas. Rare is the being outside of those Daemons with the Legacy or current knowledge of the Watchers that even know they exist.

However a Daemon chooses to come back to the Hisil and tie themselves in the material plane, they must meet a variety of conditions set forth by Raziel long ago. Among these is to follow a set of tenets which happens to be quite similar to that of the Custos Gnaritas.

Over the Centuries, Raziel developed a number of trusted Daemon advisers who were “promoted” into the Custos Gnaritas and, in turn, helped identify those who could find the proper Demons to inhabit the Custos Gnaritas at every level.

Operating in extreme secrecy from other Daemon to the extent possible, the Watchers have been an important and powerful force in the preservation of the knowledge of the Hisil.

The Watchers

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