Therion Bloodline

Cross breed of thrall of Saturn and the Akkadian's Mekhet lineage


The Therion is a bloodline of Kindred found amongst the ranks of the darkest of all kindred. They serve as the priest caste of the covenant of Belial’s Brood as well as a source of power for it’s coveymates through the unique discipline of Choronzon. The Therion aren’t a true bloodline per se, as they have a unique method of indoctrination, any Forsworn can become one through a special ritual performed by the covey, one which all Forsworn are innately able to perform. The Therion are a mysterious and unsettling kind, devoid of any true humanity — indeed, even other Forsworn fear and despise them for their unrivaled bestiality, yet reveres them for their power and “freedom” from the Man. Rumor says they were spawned by a Union of a kindred and demon in ancient Rome, though they were used for purposes of darkness long ago as servants and Guardians for darker beings.

Bloodline Disciplines: When a character adopts this bloodline, his player selects two of his clan’s favored Disciplines. The third is dropped and replaced by Obfuscate. The bloodline Discipline is Choronzon, the hallmark of the Therion.

Venmooth of Golgotha
Venmooth the therion

Milicinth of Golgotha
Milicinth the therion

Hafiz the savager


Therion bloodline

Therion Bloodline

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