Tiger Mask and Amulet


Size/Health +3 With Tiger Mask Worn
The wearer grows to size of 14’ tall.

With Necklace Only:
+2 Willpower
+2 Composure
+3 Occult
+3 To Sense Danger


During their travels in Egypt, the four companions visited the palace of Sutek (later Hades). During that time they listened to Sutek’s words of wisdom (or deceit, or both) and agreed to take gifts from him.

Tyr, Timjarardi, Anumani and Akkadian all received a different mask and amulet combination. Akkadian’s was that of the Tiger.

Since that time there has been talk that the items, while providing a nice power boost, also help Sutek track them, which is obviously dangerous. This is believed to be mainly caused by the masks.

Tiger Mask and Amulet

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