Tour Through Time

Rest on the Seine - 42BC

The party began the session with a trip to the Necropolis to formally present themselves to Lord Invictus Rexus III and to adhere to the policies of the “True Camarilla”. It was not lost on our kindred that this was the 3rd time they have met the True Ruler of the True Camarilla. After such time, they were asked to expose Argentum for his treachery against his brother, with the help of Luna and the Larude spirits they did just that. Argentum was exiled. Invictus asked the party if they would be the honor guard of Zertax as he travelled to North Gaul to Lutetia. After a trip to the Forum, Anumani managed to smack down both Octavius and Antony. The party headed out and overcame many dangerous situations on the road to Lutetia. This included treachery by Zertax, an unwanted trip to Arcadia, rumors of Evil maneating Uratha, and the muck and mire of the road. Finally arriving in Lutetia, Akkadius discovers that his forerunners were thwarted and went North to Melun. The city of Lutetia is surrounded by an army of Usurpers headed by Vercingetorix who was supposedly dead. After sneaking into the city, it is discovered the entire city is held hostage, and the young kindred within are powerless to stop it. In a brutal underground assault, Vercingetorix is discovered to be a Geist of moderate power. FInally the party prevails, and Lutetia is saved. They are granted use of Clodius’ palace, and Anumani joins the Council of the Pagi Maximi. All seems to be at peace, but darkness is awlays at bay…

France vercingetorix

Lutetia 44BC - ??

The Party makes their political move against Argentum in the Court of Invictus in Rome circa 44BC. Marduk (as Mercury) makes an off move from the city far North to the small Roman town of Lutetia. Julius Caesar conquered Lutetia in 52BC, and Invictus and his army passed through. What mysteries does this small town hold, and why is Marduk moving here???

Lutetia proper

44BC rome

The adventures began in Egypt as our brood slumbered in the Sarapeum outside of Alexandria only to discover that 4 khaibit assassins of Sutekh were waiting to steal the masks from out heroes and take their places as Gods. Their plans were foiled by some nifty obfuscate and auspex trips.

Next the onslaught of Ana-Khem. Arriving at Ptolemy’s Palace as Sobekh, Bastet, and the mysterious elephant God, the party convinces Ptolemy into revolution against traitors mainly at the Temple of Khem. After sneaking in uninvited as a member of the Azia guard of Na-Ramanase the Persian Ventrue Lord with the help of Lord Alrik, the party is discovered by Lucia. Outside the Temple, they make an alliance with Na-Ramanase and have safe travel to Persia. The next day the army of Ptolemy ransacks the Temple and burns it with wood and hot oils. Ana-Khem is trapped within, and in frenzy kills Lucia before roasting into oblivion.

After returning to Rome, the party discovers high political tension amongst the mortal world. They hear rumors that the child of the Camarilla’s founder, has returned to claim Rome for himself. The party meets Lord Invictus and his many powerful allies, and sees that he is a very noble kindred, although they suspect his brother is not, the deceptive argentum. they make an agreement, and in 44BC when Brutus strikes Caesar, Invictus’ forces flood Rome. The party runs to the Sanctum Camarilla to find Fabius, but in a sad turn of events, Fabius’ trust in his ancient allies is misplaced as they rapidly kill and then eat him.

Now Invictus takes over, but the party fears what will happen with Argentum in his ear, and their mistrust of Luna and her intentions. Invictus holds the first Camarilla Senex in almost 200 years and the brood has pledged to call out Argentum. What will happen in our next installment?

Invictus 4

Egypt 48BC

The story began with Julius Caesar encamped with the Legionnaires outside of Rome. Fabius called together the council of the Camarilla and needed to have more info on the kindred controlling Pompey. The party went to scout, Timjuradi questioning the Praefectus, Anumani and Tyr meeting with Pompey, and Rhiatt scouting from Obfuscation. It was determined that several kindred were here, led by a powerful female Consulltia named Lucia, and her childer protecting her. After a Majesty showdown, the stalemate ended with everyone going home. Civil war hit the streets of Rome, but thanks to some advanced intel delivered to Antony from Timjuradi, the forces of Pompey were at a disadvantage. In order to curry favor, the party was asked to Compel the God of War Mars for assistance. Mars would only grant his favor if the party fought his Champion, Orbituis, and his pack of War Wolves. The party agreed and after some devestating blows, they finally prevailed. After some snooping Timjuradi discovered that Kratos was held here, apparently for the murder of the Greek War God Ares. They curried favor with Mars, and in exchange for the mighty gladiator Marcellius, he freed Kratos. The party waited out the time of war, and when the end game was near, it was discovered Pompey and his sons had fled. The children of Lucia were spotted at the harbor, and the party unwisely stowed upon the barges. Nearing Sicily it was determined that it would be good to take out the False Akkadian, a rather easy battle. Upon arrival in Alexandria, the party moved the sacred texts from the Library and burned it down, they then intervened in Caesar’s negotiations with Ptolemy. The 3 Queens of Egypt were removed to Rome along with Antony, and Caesar went south to Memphis to hunt for Pompey. The party, unsatisfied with the loss of Lucia, hunted her down. It was here they discovered the abandoned underground Temple of Khem, and the true ruler of the Kindred world, Ana-Khem.

Caesar in egypt

Rome, Civil war begins

The year is 50BC. Julius Caesar returns from Gaul, succesful in victories. Marcus Crassus has been killed in war in 54BC, and Pompey the Great has amassed much power. He plans on usurping Caesar and becoming the Supreme Consult of Rome. Anumani has slipped in a commoner into the Senate, Brutus. Brutus has gained much favor when it was discovered that Pompey murdered his parents, and in secret correspondence he has made an alliance with Julius Caesar. Rumor says that Mark Antony has already entered the city and several Roman Legions lay in wait to attack Pompey’s forces. With the backing of Brutus, Caesar has become popular with the common citizen of Rome, who see Pompey’s decadence as an evil in Rome. Fabius knows the time is at hand for him to secure all of the Roman Empire and its kindred. The time for war draws near, the time for Victory is now…

Julius caesar

Rome, the rule of Fabius, 60BC to 50BC

The coeterie is rather busy after several members decide to approach Marduk with personal agendas, he tells them they can help by delivering the nymph Larunda to the God Starurn. In this process they also meet with Fabius and Scipio and meet the other kindred of the Camarilla. Fabius wants to purge the heads of the rulership under The Pater Sanguiness. In part of this process they dispatch of Gathrik and overtake the Castellum Petra, which now serves other purposes for the party. They sneak in the Necropolis with Necros the Nosferatu as a guide and destroy the Nightwatcher, and his 3 cohorts in a huge battle, almost costing Tyranus his life. They are victorious in the end. From there they take Larunda to the Temple of Saturn in the lowlands. The party is accosted on the way by a mob of angry citizens, Anumani spares them in the end by convincing their leader Brutus that he hears their anger and will make their lives better. At the Temple of Saturn they battle the evil Scelesti Abyss Mage named Patmos, and within meet Saturn who claims to be Sutekh. After some intense negotiations, they realize it is not the same Sutekh, but a demon claiming to be him. In exchange for the secret, Anumani and Akkadius ask for a restoriation of their Humanity, Tyr asks for a classy Merkin. The depart succesful. The timeline then advances 10 years to when Caesar is returning from Gaul. Marcus Crassus is dead, and Pompay and Caesar prepare for civil war.
50BC is when we being again.


Rome, beginning of the Empire, 63BC to 60BC

The brood awakens in the bowels of a museum of history in 63BCE. The priests of the mighty God of Trickery Mercury maneuver the party to a bastion painted an ominous black. The God Mercury arrives and reveals himself to be the ancient and wise Marduk. The party has learned a thing or two now and immediately insinuates itself onto the scene. The old denizen of the bastion is booted and after a skirmish for the North Tower, the party fits in. The kindred no longer rule as Gods, but live in the shadows under a construct called the Camarilla. The ruler, the Pater Sanguiness discounts the age and wisdom of this party, and it costs his life as they grant support to the usurper Fabius and Scipio. The pater is killed, his mortal rulers the Consults are decapitated, and the Triumvirate headed by Julius Caesar is placed into power. In exchange for the support, Fabius grants the party positions of authority in the Camarilla, a decision that in time he is sure to regret…

Gladiators 0

Macedon, Alexanders Greek Empire, 325BC

The group had slumbered in the Egyptian desert in the Valley of the Kings, and is awakened by a transport sent from the Greek God Hermes (who turns out to be ancient Marduk). They are taken to the Isle of Crete and immediately rebel against the establishment. Once again the Gods turn out to be kindred and other beings. Before long the party has taken over the Temple of Helios the sun god and Timjurati flies the night skies in his sun chariot. They challenge Zeus, battle Appollo, ally with Kratos, and spit in the face of Ares. An ancient enemy is discovered again when the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, turns out to be Sutekh. With the help of a Werewolf scout and Kratos, the party journies into the very Underworld itself to assault Sutekh. This rash plan ends in folly as the party is petrified and lost to the world, possibly for good…

Greek gods

Egypt, freedom or slavery?, 1215BC

The coeterie rises in the hot sands of Egypt, a land controlled by many gods, most who turn out to be kindred under the control of the mighty Sutekh. The coeterie is assisted by the powerful mage Thoth (who turns out to be ancient Marduk). The group encounters Sutekh and takes up his offer of godhood in exchange for brutalizing Isis, Osiris, and Horus. The party obeys, but at the end understands they have made the proverbial “deal with the devil”, Sutekh, however, is unassailable. In a stunning blow, Anumani visits Moses and insights him into rebelliion against the pharaoh Ramses II and the Egyptian nations crumbles to dust. The party tries to find a place of refuge, but is forced into hiding and slumbers for a millenia…


Babylon, fall of the Tower, 1792BC

The coeterie is embraced and kept in a tower, under the watchful eye of the mighty Ventrue Enlil. In time the powerful Mage known as Marduk helps the group escape, and with that they begin assisting in a war against the mages that wish to control everything. In a final blow, the party member Anumani releases a powerful demon named Pazuzu that unravels the tower and brings it crashing down, annihalating all within the cities limits. Launched into torpor, the party ends its time in Babylon. During this era Babylon was ruled by Hamurabi, the great king and bringer of law.

Tower of babel


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