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New York 2012

For almost 4,000 years we have been travelers through time. We have seen many countries come and go, witnessed the birth of countless technologies, lived through countless lifetimes and learned much of them all.

Always before we have felt like visitors, never quite belonging. Not even in our native Babylon. All of these eras enriched us, taught us but none of them was home. At one point in time could we just stay for a while, not looking to the distant future but to our everyday agenda? Could any time and place be large enough for Ahnumannii, interesting enough for the Akkadian, trying enough Tyr and horse-free enough for Timjuradi? If New York city in 2012 is not all of those things it is surely the closest yet.

Just two small problems. First, the rulership of NYC didn’t want us around: our old ally and sometimes foe, Invictus. Second, we can be no place where Ahnumannii does not feel that he must rule.

It was decided Invictus would be invited to our temporary haven in the Waldof Astoria Hotel for a peaceful discussion of terms. Invictus’ safety was assured and yet he did not show up at the meeting. Rather, it was his minion Vastius. A minion with the highest of blood potencies and a list of 4 demands. These 4 demands would later prove very unwise of Invictus as tactics used on younger kindred do not work on the 4 Horsemen. Among these demands: leave North America, father one childe each for Invictus, help Invictus take over South America where the 4 Horsemen would then rule and pay a yearly fifedom of $200 million.

Before these 4 demands were made it was generally agreed that another peaceful solution would be preferable. With the personalities of the 4 Horsemen, Invicitus should have known his demands would result in war. Perhaps that was his intent as the 4 of us did cause havoc in the city upon arrival. We were thrust forward in time and did not understand modern conventions and the idea of staying hidden. While we would adapt, Invictus had no way to know this. It was sad but certain, conflict would ensue.

This conflict began right there in the penthouse suite of the Waldorf. Demands immediately equaled conflict for Timjuradi as he leap forward to slay Vastius. Vastius’ four bodyguards however blocked the way initially and they were instead slain by Timjuradi, Tyr and the Akkadian, allowing Vastius to flee the scene via a unique kindred power: teleportation.

With all cards on the table, it was open war. Invictus had the advantage of home field, knowing the area, having allies cultivated and superior numbers. The 4 Horsemen had the advantage of raw power and the knowledge that they could walk in the sunlight. Invictus did not know this and it affected his strategy.

Akkadian’s will traveled to the abode of Vastius to deliver a list of 4 counter-demands but since Vastius was wise enough to not return to his haven these demands were delivered instead to an underling. The four demands were meant to mock those of Invictus: he would leave North America via daylight coach flight, he would father 4 childer, one for each of the horsemen, he would help the horsemen take over South America and he would pay a yearly fifedom of $200 million. We can only assume the terrified youngling delivered this message.

Needing time to plan, the horsemen met in the Temple of the Baphomet to gather knowledge and devise a strategy. Invictus, it was learned, had tamed the kindred world for the most part and was known as “world ruler”. Vast resources were at his disposal.

Returning to the Waldorf the 4 horsemen found that it was under attack by a group of vicious mercanies. These mercanies had instructions to terminate the horsemen during the daytime while supposedly vulnerable. It seems unlikely Invictus thought the horsemen were unwise enough to sleep at a known location but perhaps it was meant to be a statement.

The horsemen proceeded down the stairs invisibly, passing mercenaries on the way. On the ground floor it was discovered that the hotel staff had been murdered and the doors locked. Probably most of the patrons discovered had been murdered as well and the police paid off (or dominated) to not enter the building.

The horsemen proceeded to the parking garage where the leaders of the mercenaries were discovered. Ahnumannii proceeded to make them “love” him, creating a temporary mode of control. They confessed that their plans were to execute the horsemen and then blow up the entire historic hotel. Historic is a relative term, however.

After considering various options, the horsemen decided to allow them to proceed to blow up the building but with the mercenaries still inside, save for the leaders. These remaining six mercenaries would be divided into two teams to conduct immediate daytime strikes. One would be on the estate of Vastius and the other would be to launch missiles upon one of the elysiums. They would do a stellar job of both operations.

Mass destruction and chaos had arrived in NYC. The chariot had arrived, but figuratively this time.

Akkadian was able to trace the origin of the mercenaries back to the figurehead Prince of NYC. In the guise of Invictus, Akkadian ordered the Prince to investigate mysterious happenings in Bocca Raton, Florida. These of course were false but would help to drain the resources of Invictus somewhat and cause confusion. The Prince was ordered to leave his cell phone and other communication devices behind, presumptively so he could not be “tracked” but in reality so that Invictus could not contact him that way.

Shortly after this encounter, each of the horsemen suffered an attempted mental invasion by a powerful Mekhet known as The Phoenician. While Timjuradi and the Akkadian shrugged off this attack, Ahnumannii and Tyr had information ripped from their minds. Tyr also received a challenge from the World Justicar: Kiki Kitani. Tyr accepted and they would meet for individual combat atop the Empire State.

The other 3 horsemen accompanied Tyr for this battle but did not interfere. Ahnumannii in fact spent his time sight-seeing the city instead of watching the fight.

With lightning speed, Kiki attacked and injured Tyr. She apparently expected this attack to fell him and was shocked when it did not. Tyr struck back and Kiki was destroyed unceremoniously. This was not the end to the Empire State ordeal.

Perhaps unwisely taking the elevator back down, the safety cables were blown and the elevator began a rapid and probably very damaging descent to the bottom. Before that could happen, however, Akkadian transported everyone to the safety of the Temple of the Baphomet.

While at the Temple it was agreed that if this conflict were to end anytime soon, a direct challenge must be made. Invictus and his cronies were just too elusive otherwise and could at some point come up with a plan that did work on some or all of the horsemen.

The horsemen traveled back to NYC at twilight and sat at an outside table of a Starbucks right outside of the remaining elysium. Some time after nightfall when they were convinced they had been spotted, they drove casually to Yankee Stadium and proceeded to wait at second base for the inevitable “ambush”. Invictus did not disappoint, bringing Vastius, The Phoenician, Polemos (the Warbringer) and the nosferatu Mordicai with him. Outnumbered by one, Akkadian summoned in his longtime and loyal follower, Anvar.

Perhaps Invictus thought he had the element of surprise. Perhaps he thought he and his companions were invincible but he clearly did not count on the raw destructive power of Timjuradi. Acting faster than anyone thought possible, Timjuradi charged Polemos and chopped him completely in half in one mighty blow.

Invictus may have been stunned but he didn’t show it as he charged Ahumannii, reigning down a massive blow of his own. Ahnumannii however is not easy to kill and had transported himself several feet over next to Timjuradi, taking no damage from the assault.

Mordicai would wage the first successful portion of battle for Invictus’ allies as he cut Tyr badly and injected him with a vile kindred poison.

Seeing Tyr’s trouble, Akkadian appeared before Mordicai and unleashed a psychic assault of such power as to fell Mordicaid. Tyr then used his unique discipline to transfer the kindred poison into the body of Mordicai and Invictus’ team was suddenly outnumbered. Moreso as Vastius once again fled via teleport, not to be seen again.

The Phoenician, having witnessed Akkadian’s attack, engulfed him in flames. While damaged, the Akkadian could see that the Phoenician was not physically there and thus Ahnumannii was able to dispel is presence entirely.

Finally, Timjuradi, once again on the prowl, sprinted over to Invictus and also cut him down in one mighty blow. Clearly the great of kindred warriors to ever walk the Earth.

Akkadian, knowing that Invictus’ knowledge was priceless, diablerized him in order to gain the knowledge.

Anvar, the master tracker, was sent to find Vastius and the Phoenician, which he did but discovered that they had fled to the astral plane where not even he could pinpoint their location. Will they reappear at some point in the future? A hanging threat to be certain.

With their most powerful obstacle overcome, the horsemen would go on to rule NYC and more. Akkadian, with the knowledge of Invictus and the ability to take his form is able to give orders in his stead and slowly transfer authority to Ahnumannii while taking knowledge and artifacts for the Custos Gnaritas.

With many long term plans having come to fruition and more to come, how much success will the horsemen find in modern day NYC? How long will they stay? Will they survive? Will their machinations be discovered?

As they say in 2012, stay tuned…

Empire state building binoculars


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