Tour Through Time

Macedon, Alexanders Greek Empire, 325BC

The group had slumbered in the Egyptian desert in the Valley of the Kings, and is awakened by a transport sent from the Greek God Hermes (who turns out to be ancient Marduk). They are taken to the Isle of Crete and immediately rebel against the establishment. Once again the Gods turn out to be kindred and other beings. Before long the party has taken over the Temple of Helios the sun god and Timjurati flies the night skies in his sun chariot. They challenge Zeus, battle Appollo, ally with Kratos, and spit in the face of Ares. An ancient enemy is discovered again when the Lord of the Underworld, Hades, turns out to be Sutekh. With the help of a Werewolf scout and Kratos, the party journies into the very Underworld itself to assault Sutekh. This rash plan ends in folly as the party is petrified and lost to the world, possibly for good…

Greek gods


lordbaccus lordbaccus

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